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  1. hello there the information that our friend provided is the first steps you have to do You have to create vtc page including details such as rules requirements and etc then you just have to advertise in game and on social media then people will contact you if they are insterested to join vtc Thanks
  2. Hello I drive 6 7 or little more hours in game I like to be active and help others.
  3. I have both games and all heavy dlcs for both I would say all dlc packs are nice and fun to play
  4. I usually record if I am in high traffic area but like in quiet area I don't because you see less issues
  5. there are couple programs also it all deepens on what options and features you need
  6. I would follow the road signs or give the road who ever stop at location first
  7. new daf looks nice and hopefully we will get free more tunning features with free update
  8. Merhaba @ersan31 oncelikle truckersmp formuna hos geldiniz yasadiginiz sorun icin ve ceza aldiginiz icin uzgunum ancak bir oyuncu hata yapiyor diye bu sizinde kural disi hareket yapma hakkiniz var anlamina gelmiyor hakliyken haksiz duruma dusersiniz her zaman cunku sizde cevap vererek ihlalde bulunuyorsunuz sonucta ban yediginiz icin uzgunum ama forum uzerinden banlarla ilgili konusulmuyor cezaniza itraz etmek istiyorsaniz burdan yapabilirsiniz kanitlariniz varsa paylasmayi unutmayiniz https://truckersmp.com/appeals veya ust yetkili arkadaslarimizla iletisimi gecmek ve konusmak i
  9. We all do mistakes of course but the solution is you have to know how to communicate and solve it and not repeat it next time but most people shows angry attitude, uses bad words and etc that makes things allot worse.
  10. I would buy house and start business or spend money buy hospital so I can help people who cant get treatment because of money issues
  11. I think Scs Mp and truckersmp will help each other like supporting new stuff that tmp cant support rigt away so it will second option to play with new updates and etc so I don't think it wont effect tmp negative way
  12. Hello Scs mp is still developing I would say in the feature we will all have positive sides and negative sides so my answer is I like both as long as everyone plays fair and follows rules both are fun to play
  13. there are couple ways to do it but is kind of hard I would say check videos out online
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