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  1. Husky_06

    DLC Baltic price

    well its new dlc of course it will be expensive around 20 or more but maybe they will offer discount on release or later will see.
  2. yeni kamyon gelmesi uzun zaman alir bence biraz daha gelistirirler suan zaten volvo special transport var belki dlc veya harita paketi cikar
  3. I think scs will improve volvo first maybe after couple months they will start working on it who knows
  4. Husky_06

    American truck simulator worth it?

    its worth it ats has better quality and roads are more longer if you like driving long distance plus old trucks are fun and gives you challenge you should buy it yes but as others mention don't accept high players.
  5. Husky_06


    Cogu arkadaslarimizin dedigi gibi eger bilgisayar sistemin zayifsa ondanda yapar ama yok sistemin iyi bir sistemse ozaman save dosyasidir ve baska bir save dosyasi indirip baglanabilirsin kardesim
  6. Husky_06

    Yardım Edermisiniz

    Merhabalar @IndoorBlueWolf truckersmp dosyasini silip geri kalan truckersmp dosyalarinida temizleyip yeniden yuklerseniz sorununuz cozulecektir bu konuda daha fazla yardim isterseniz ozelden ulasabilirsiniz
  7. Husky_06

    ATS: Special Transport уже здесь

    great dlc
  8. Husky_06


    Hey @TruckerLe please check your antivirus make sure truckersmp is not blocked by your antivirus and second step you can try resetting firewall settings ones you complete e all this step restart your modem as well hope this helps if you need more assistance feel free to send me private message
  9. Husky_06

    afraid to be banned

    if you are flowing rules and controlling your truck speed then there is no need to feel scary we all do small mistakes and people are understandable for that ones you say sorry
  10. Husky_06

    1 haftadır ping sorunu

    tabi ozelden mesaj atarsani yardimci olurum
  11. Husky_06

    1 haftadır ping sorunu

    Merhabalar eger kalabalik yerlerde suruyosaniz ondan kaynaklanabilir bide moderminizi reset verip kendi ip numaranizi ping yapmayi deneyin orda size sorun varsa bilgi verir
  12. Husky_06


    krone sorunu vardi ama sanirim duzeldi in sizinkide cozulmustur
  13. Husky_06

    1.32 How do you think the new mode ?

    1.32 is a big change I can say but the only issue is trailers are two weak compare to company trailers lets say if you are driving 80 -90 km and making turn most times trailer flips that causes most issue in game this just what I see from others while playing I think scs will improve the stability on own trailers in feature updates.
  14. Husky_06

    Atlas Transport | "Yolların Efendisi" | 2016

    Basarilar dilerim
  15. Husky_06

    TMP + Special Transport ATS

    I would say yes it would be more fun and for the feature updates