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  1. I will definitely buy the dlc because I like the drive long distance in game
  2. konvoyumuzdan yeni goruntuler eklenmistir ve alımlarımız devam etmektedir
  3. promods definitely worth it new roads more challenge truckersmp and promodes only missing special transport feature if they add that dlc as well I can say it will be more fun .
  4. I have all maps for ets and ats truck tunning packs trailer packs heavy cargo packs tire packages and and some paint jobs
  5. Husky_06


    probably winter mode will be available the end week of December
  6. ekipimizin 2. kurali guncellenmistir ve alimlarimiz devam etmektedir.
  7. ekibimizle birlikte konvoydan kareler resimlere eklenmistir ve cok yakinda canli yayinimiz youtube uzerinden basliyacaktir
  8. most people dont like old style trucks or they just dont want to spend money on the game basically
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