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  1. great dlc love it I would highly recommend to everyone if you are long distance driver and enjoy playing the game
  2. I will definitely buy the dlc because I like the drive long distance in game
  3. promods definitely worth it new roads more challenge truckersmp and promodes only missing special transport feature if they add that dlc as well I can say it will be more fun .
  4. I have all maps for ets and ats truck tunning packs trailer packs heavy cargo packs tire packages and and some paint jobs
  5. Husky_06


    probably winter mode will be available the end week of December
  6. most people dont like old style trucks or they just dont want to spend money on the game basically
  7. everything is fair and based on real life rules people who are making topics about ban system if you be much easy if you stop driving the truck like a race car and play fairly and you guys will see the difference.
  8. Husky_06


    hiz artikca kazalar kuralsiz kisiler daha cogaliyo oteki serverlarda hiz siniri yok hiz yapmak istiyenler orda oynuyabilirler sonucta bu bi similasyon oyunu nfs yada f1 degil bence bu hiz normal ve sorunlar suan daha az
  9. steam ayarinizi yaptiktan sonra tekrar truckersmpyi f1basarak yenileyin ve ozaman cozulucektir eger sorununuz devam ederse resim paylasirsaniz sizlere yardimci oluruz iyi oyunlar
  10. I can say its definitely good feature and it will help stay in right destination while doing job
  11. Hello @Black.Beast. you can use run command to check your dX version that's installed in your computer to check which version click on start menu and search area type run and hit enter when the run box comes up type dxdiag and hit enter again after couple seconds your computer will display screen same as image with your direct version and pc info and etc hope this helps here is example of screen thanks
  12. arada saat farki nediyle hala acilmamis gozukuyo olabilir site uzerinden satt ayarini yaparsaniz dogru saati sizin saat dilimine gore gosterir
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