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  1. Husky_06


    oyununuzu beta kismindan resimdeki gibi 1.31 yaparsaniz sorununuz cozulecektir
  2. Husky_06

    Hot topic #3: Oregon and Baltic DLC

    looking forward to both dlcs and I am sure scs will release more detailed stuff for feature as well.
  3. Husky_06

    What is the Forum Rank?

    great info nice job
  4. Husky_06

    1.32 Multiplayer

    currently new update is not supported for truckersmp however you can down play with your friends by downgrading the game and just be patient for multiplayer update thanks hope this helps
  5. Husky_06

    All progress lost

    hey there if you deleted the game completely your only option is reinstalling game and if you dont want start over from first level you check save game files online and install the one that works for you hope this helps
  6. Husky_06

    Weird job issue

    you must pick the job from your city if you pick the job in different location and travel to that garage that job wont be avaible anymore hope this information helps.
  7. Husky_06

    How to stay calm during road rage

    just drive slowly and keep distance because there are many crazy rammers
  8. I would recommend adding more gears or using more powerful engine truck
  9. Husky_06

    Highlight player that come closer

    its great idea but as others said since tap shows meters when players near you this wont be very useful.
  10. Husky_06

    TruckersMP Login

    hey there use your old email and old password and try it also when you changed email you would get email saying your account email has been changed or something similar and in that email it will give you link to confirm new email changed make sure you did all that if you need more assistant contact via pm and i will be happy to help
  11. Husky_06

    Can Someone explain this?

    Hey there As far as I know there is no bug in ghost mode but he might re logged or he might have bad pc and it will take while to ghost mode be gone
  12. Husky_06

    ETS2MP Giremiyorum

    en kolay cozum moderminizi resetleyim ve iprealese ve renew yaparsaniz duzelicektir
  13. Husky_06

    Truckers MP Launcher Not Loading

    Hello Steven if you have system restore point where it was working before you can try restoring the computer to that time
  14. Husky_06

    Where to get the custom paintjobs?

    default paitns jobs are available at service but colorful or designed ones are dlc hope this helps thanks
  15. Husky_06

    problems on server

    first welcome to truckersmp forums and second if you see rule breaker in game I would get a proof of that player such as his information you can get players info by using command called /pinfo and it will give you all the info you need to report that player also if you can get a video proof this will make admins job allot easier you can use fraps bandicam or any other software you prefer. Thanks