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  1. No, people need to read the rules most of the time it's not by accident people do it because they are just stupid and drive horribly.
  2. Good Luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!
  3. I only use Website reports because I always record although it takes longer most of the time they will get punished if you have enough proof.
  4. Not to long off and on getting back into it now tho
  5. bowl615

    Cruise control?

    @JeffSFC Once I can use the Cruise control I put it to 115 I always go that unless I don't feel the need to.
  6. bowl615

    Cruise control?

    Do you guys use Cruise control? I use so I don't have to keep an eye on my speed?
  7. Most of the time I will listen to my Spotify and sometimes I will listen to TFM.
  8. I like the FH16 but I only really drive the Scania because of looks and I like the interior.
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