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  1. where is this smooth distance located,and if i maximize it will it affect my fps ?
  2. i dont think its the routers fault since other games dont have issues,neither the high population,as i said i never had this problem since few days,at 3000+ players i was going 1-2 meter behind players without a problem.
  3. Hello,i never had lag problems in euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer until few days. It appears to be Internet lag even tho i play at low settings i only have fps lag when there are around 100 players. Let me explain you what is going on,i have 40-50 ping usually and the trucks near me go backwards like they are lagging,but they have good ping and its all from me as i saw. Again i never had such problems but something happend with Multiplayer and its not my internet s fault. Its really annoying because i get hit and i hit people when this happens and i cant play like this. You can see below the picture with my speedtest.
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