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  1. Madsmea

    G29 Force Feedback Settings

    In my opinion I would use the same settings for both or try the settings form SP on MP and adjust them till they are right for you. I use force feedback on MP and I have no problem with it I think driving without it would make it feel odd, to me anyway.
  2. I will only say "rec" as a warning to make someone aware I am recording and that's only if they do something wrong that effects me or someone with in my field of view. I will never say "rec ban" as I dont know if they would get a ban..
  3. Madsmea

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    Speed limit should stay, even at what it is now you get so many people crashing or causing crashes because they cannot handle the speed... So in my opinion it's better off staying.
  4. I love the C - D road I like a good challenge and I get tormented by my mods with clips when I get rammed by someone not following the rules lol
  5. Madsmea

    Let's Look Back

    Best memories ihave is meeting my now best friend on TMP and then going on to start our own VTC .
  6. Madsmea

    /fix or f7

    i use /fix just because it saves time and i don't see why i should have to F7 because of someone else damaged my truck lol.
  7. Madsmea

    Favorite area to drive?

    Hello there. This question is hard for me because I like all of ATS I can't say I have a favourite area to drive. I like long drives they seem to be nicer then the long drives I do in ETS , I find ATS is calmer and more soothing. Madsmea
  8. I would be afraid to get in the truck with some of my friends if this was possible lol. Great idea tho maybe one day it will be possible.
  9. Madsmea

    CB Radio range

    I think it's set to the players that show on the tab window so anyone on the list would be able to hear you if they are on the same channel as you.
  10. Madsmea

    Christmas DLC

    I do hope so would be nice to have a trailer to match my truck.
  11. Madsmea

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    3 days is not that long in the grand scale of things, I wouldn't want them to rush if they rush mistakes would be made. Patience is a virtue.
  12. Madsmea

    Little Things

    I'd like to see more smaller details like dirt on the truck and places to wash them and maybe flat tires. Maybe some more in cab items like empty crisps packets and drinks in cup holders. And for people who don't have a pc to run extra details there would have to be an option to switch them off.
  13. Madsmea

    Opinion on update 1.33

    I really like it i like the fact you can add more customisations to the trailers and the braking I had someone pull out on me and noticed the trailer slide out in the rain now I know that happens I use more engine braking I think it was a shock to both of us lol. After a bit of testing on SP I noticed under heavy braking the trailer bakes would lock up causing the trailer to slide. Oh yeah before I forget the person who pulled out on me apologised they didn't see me coming and I was only doing 50 so no harm done lol.
  14. Used to use 8x4, switched to the 6x2 taglift because of fuel and easier in tighter area's also the skin I use for my VTC is not available on the 8x4.
  15. Madsmea

    Funny Old Video ETS2/ATS

    @Titanic4 I had to watch that twice perfect use for that audio I luled hard xD.