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  1. new map-dlc

    I hope to have the new DLC soon
  2. Can you explain me about this issue

    I did not get into the game when I first updated Truckers.MP
  3. Why are so many players joining the forum? Discussion

    This forum is very healthy and meet people
  4. Message when a report gets deleted

    +1 I like your idea
  5. [SCS Blog] Real Truck Sounds ver April 1.4.

    The sound effects of scandia cars in the new update are different

    happy Birthday :)

    1. DesertEagle26


      Thank you ^_^

  7. Hours played at ETS2?

    440_hours in game ETS2
  8. [SCS Blog] Event: Trade Connections - Sweden

    thank you for letting me know that
  9. Show old nicknames in player search

  10. Multiple Reports

    great idea i think will accomplish it
  11. Forum Topic Of The Week!

    great idea, i hope you try to add development
  12. new map-dlc

    I think there will be the latest DLC for both games
  13. What is one thing that other drivers do that really annoys you?

    trolling blocking