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  1. I do have many ssd's in my pc and ive tried it on all of them and still the same promblem. Also i experince this anywhere i go weather that be the c-d road or one of most the quietist place in the game Abberdeen. @DJ Jefferz i use nvidia shadowplay to record my gameplay and i do not recive any promblem with it. On any of my games. I will try out the suggested things above once im back on my pc on friday/saturday.
  2. Hi, since the lastest truckers mp update and eu2 becomeing bigger, i have noticed that when im driving around for more than 30 mins in the game randomly my fps drops from 60 to 40 to 60 in half a second. This is becomeing more of an issue as when this drop happends i end up nearly hitting someone. I have i high end pc and i do not experience this problem on single player nor did i before tmp was updateded to the lastest update. I can say its not to do with lag as ive recently brought a new adapter for my pc and i experince no lag on any other game now ether. I have also tried many different settings from the mp game settings to ets 2 settings its self. Please can someone suggest how to fix this. Thanks.
  3. You will be missed very much mate, hope to see you back soon.maxresdefault.jpg.3b494a13783dae2ea3bbaa326cae35c5.jpg

  4. Have you tried Uninstalling and reinstalling the Truckers mp launcher? As a clean reinstall could fix it.
  5. @Titanic4 thank for the help, he's successfully made an account now. it was hard to find the setting but you were right it was set to friends only game detail. Even mine has defaulted to that as well so I've changed it. Thank you so much
  6. Hi, my friend has euro truck the full game, I bought it for him and it won't let him make a truckers mp account as you can see from the screenshots. he has now played 3.3hours Please, can someone help me thx.
  7. I was using the 8x4 chassis but I've had to downgrade to the next one down. But it is pathetic how you cant use them on the 8x4 chassis, hopefully, they will patch it. also on the topic of paints, would my friend be able to see my paint if he doesn't have the pack?
  8. I've found out the problem. it doesn't work on the most expensive truck for some reason.
  9. I recently bought some euro truck DLC's including the valentines day paint pack, but when I got to add the paint to my truck it doesn't show up? I've made sure that they were downloaded. Anyone got any ideas as to why I cannot use the paint jobs?
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