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  1. Jake(Irish)

    Snow in American Truck Simulator MP

    Snow comes around the middle of December for ETS. I have never seen the snow mod on ATS. But it would be a good addition to have the snow mod in ATS.
  2. Jake(Irish)

    Truckers.FM Big Christmas Giveaway!

    Great Prizes. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Jake(Irish)

    Event for new year

    I'd be down for a New Years Convoy.
  4. Honestly, it depends for on what mood I am in. I can play anywhere from 2 to 10 Hours a day.
  5. Jake(Irish)

    Should all countries be assembled and a convoy?

    I can't imagine this actually happening.
  6. Jake(Irish)

    Opinion on update 1.33

    Nothing major changed my gameplay. But overall I like the update.
  7. Jake(Irish)

    Courtesy on the Road - Rules for Everyday

    If everyone just was patient and polite. We would never have to worry about "are they going to cause that 10 truck Pileup."
  8. Jake(Irish)

    Give money to friends

    From what I know, is that you cannot give money to other players. He should try to take his time doing small jobs to ensure he does not crash, Or try making a new Character, and starting over.
  9. Jake(Irish)

    Ver 1.33 What is changed?

    Looks like a great update!
  10. Jake(Irish)

    I forgot to fill the fuel tank. Oh no.

    The Skoda just likes to eat all the fuel in less than 300KM. I've had to F7 Multiple times with it.
  11. Jake(Irish)

    Truck or car?

    Honestly, I prefer a Truck over a car. It's more sense of realism, after all, it is a Trucking Simulator. Now that does not mean I don't like going for a quick drive in the car.
  12. Jake(Irish)

    TruckersMP Winter Mod 2018

    Really looking forward for the winter mod! From what I've heard it usually comes out Mid to late December.
  13. Jake(Irish)

    Planning Community Events

    Very Helpful!
  14. Jake(Irish)

    [SCS Blog] Approaching the Baltic Sea!

    Looks like a Great DLC. Can't wait.
  15. Jake(Irish)

    Beyond the Baltic Sea

    I'm hyped for it to come out. Looks great.