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  1. Kinda late but thanks for your work for TMP. Wish you all but the best :)

  2. Thanks for all your work and good luck for the future :wub: We will miss you :( Hope you return again some day 

    1. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      Thank you for your kind message :wub:

  3. Thank you for work on TMP and I hope you back some day :(

  4. I hope they come back one day.:blush:

    1. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      For now I am happy just being a driver :) 

    2. Mo1993



      Still, you're missing from the team.:blush:

  5. I'll miss you,  I blew you up a couple of times on the road. :D  :(

    1. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      Will still see you on the road :D

  6. Michael Jacks

    Custom skins on multiplayer

    Hello @Kunfong, Some of the truck paint jobs you see on multiplayer may also be from the World of Trucks events. During these events, you do certain jobs to earn rewards and those rewards may include a paint job. Hope this gives you an answer. Kind Regards, Michael Jacks
  7. Michael Jacks

    Website v2.6 release

    Great work with the website and keeping it fresh Though... I do have to agree with Jefferz, hard to read the "name" drop down
  8. Hello, The only issue I see with that message is that some players may take it that you are attempting to be sarcastic. If I were you I would report them quietly, there is no need to tell the driver they have been reported, as typing messages such as "rec" or "rec ban" can cause some backlash from other drivers. I hope this helps you out. Kind Regards, Michael Jacks
  9. Michael Jacks

    Calais- Duisburg Road

    Hey, When driving down there, you are best to drive respectfully and mind your own business. In my opinion, driving carefully or recklessly on that road, the chances of you getting into an accident is incredibly high. Some drivers will move out each other's way and some drivers will push you out their way.
  10. Michael Jacks

    Let's Look Back

    Indeed these are some amazing images and also great stories
  11. Michael Jacks

    Why do suggestions take forever to be opened for discussion?

    If suggestions are rushed into an open discussion, then our managers will lose track. Also, upper discussions will have to take place, this is in my opinion.
  12. Michael Jacks

    So busy last night

    Those two servers are usually always full, so that is quite common. Just a heads up though, if you are going on #EU 2 I would stay away from the Calais to Duisburg road unless you want to be stuck in traffic for more than an hour or get constantly rammed as that road is far too busy.
  13. Michael Jacks

    Help choosing a truck that i can love and cherish

    That is one of the best thins I have ever heard Honestly speaking, if you go for the vehicles which have the most customization options, you will be in and out the truck shops constantly. I prefer going for the stock look, meaning I do not like a lot of customization as like I said, I was always in the shops being indecisive. I say go for the new Scania or the new Volvo, try the stock look for a while and see how you feel, both vehicles have great paint jobs to use and both have great handling, also the gearbox is smooth while shifting through the gears.
  14. Michael Jacks

    Let's Look Back

    Now that it is 2019 I see loads of posts looking into the future of TruckersMP, how about we look back at all the great memories we have created here! Reply to this topic with your best memory/memories, you can post videos and images. I will start: I have two amazing memories that I look back on all the time, my first memory is joining Worldwide Trucking Logistics: My second memory is joining the amazing TruckersMP team as a Game Moderator: Now it is your turn...
  15. Michael Jacks

    /fix or f7

    I usually use /fix, tho if I get stuck I have to use F7 Or if I have used /fix and can't use it again until cooldown is finished, I F7.