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  1. Wolfman93

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    As I said
  2. Wolfman93

    How do you react if TMP unbans all users except hackers?

    Why would you get people unbanned for some specific reason? Like a dude who would ram you every single time, or someone who would lagpit you, and btw... you don't unban cheaters, that doesn't mean that someone else who's new, could cheat aswell. Get the idea. We actually need more people banned than just having the servers full. I don't like getting pissed off by a dude who keeps crashing into me, or brake checking..... it's annoying. If you like it, then you shouldn't play a SIMULATOR, you should play some race game.
  3. Wolfman93

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    NOW BETTER. True balkan people will play this DLC in 144p.
  4. Wolfman93

    Yesterday next to my city

    Nah. People don't get fired like that. Yes it was his fault of falling asleep, IF the judge final conclusion is that the guy fell asleep and there's proof of it. Plus, right now he's into medical break for some weeks until they run all the tests on him (just incase), and this trucks company is very serious and acts cool with their drivers. I know of a man who's been driving for them for over 35 years and he left when he wanted to leave, he didn't get kicked out.
  5. Wolfman93

    Yesterday next to my city

    The only sad part is the truck being destroyed. Yesterday I went to deliver some stuff to that company which has its hub in my city and I've seen the driver wearing a medical collar and a crutch (and his wife yelling around in a slav language). That doesn't mean that he's injured. It was right at the exit of the freeway, so he might've reached 60 km/h, that's nothing. The truck was loaded with 45 tons of concrete pads. The issue there was that the driver fell asleep and the truck ended up like a scissor before it fell.
  6. Wolfman93

    Yesterday next to my city

    Nobody was injured. He fell asleep and due to the heavy wind, the truck crashed into the railing. Today I've seen the driver myself with a crutch under his arm, so it's all cool...... well..... the freeway was cut for 7 hours till everything from the accident was removed out of the road.
  7. Wolfman93

    +160km/h LOL

    I remember trucks before the driver card and electronic tacographs doing 120kmh (talking about 15-20 years ago). That was pretty wild. I'm driving a 3700kg van at 150kmh on the freeway sometimes.
  8. Wolfman93

    +160km/h LOL

    ETS2 in real life.
  9. Wolfman93

    Is 144hz worth for ETS2? xDD

    I would notice a lot of improvement on CSGO as I run it over 300 fps, but on ETS? I mean. I run it over 130-150 fps in certain places (excluding Calais/Duisburg/Amsterdam/Bergen and overflooded areas), but still, it was a bad joke. I would obviously notice the smoothness but on ETS is just useless lmao. What kind of improvement would it be? Avoiding someone to crash into me? It would happen anyway xD
  10. Wolfman93

    Is 144hz worth for ETS2? xDD

    Well, after my 1st week working at this new place, I got paid (they pay every week) so I've got me a 144hz monitor so I can play CSGO the way I always wanted to. Anyway, will this 144hz monitor be useful for ETS2? I could play ETS2 competitively.... Ok, jk. I wanted to share this with someone ;-;
  11. Wolfman93

    Driving Safely in Heavy Traffic in Calais- Duisburg Road

    There's no thing called safety on that road. Not because of the people who actually read these forums, but because of all those guys who think that a 2 ways road is a Formula 1 track with monster trucks vs nascar.
  12. Wolfman93

    Share Your Desktop

    I know, it's the coolest
  13. Wolfman93

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    It's good, but that's not the main reason for the accidents. The main reason are people tailgating eachother with a lot of drivers behind, and the guys who overtake on small roads without even tabbing to see if there are only 2 players on the road and/or the distance in between trucks.
  14. Wolfman93

    Funny Videos Thread

    I was playing some CSGO, and this is what happened (notice that the window is smoked)
  15. Wolfman93

    What song are you currently listening to?

    I don't understand what they say, but I like the song.