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  1. Wolfman93

    Is 144hz worth for ETS2? xDD

    I would notice a lot of improvement on CSGO as I run it over 300 fps, but on ETS? I mean. I run it over 130-150 fps in certain places (excluding Calais/Duisburg/Amsterdam/Bergen and overflooded areas), but still, it was a bad joke. I would obviously notice the smoothness but on ETS is just useless lmao. What kind of improvement would it be? Avoiding someone to crash into me? It would happen anyway xD
  2. Wolfman93

    Is 144hz worth for ETS2? xDD

    Well, after my 1st week working at this new place, I got paid (they pay every week) so I've got me a 144hz monitor so I can play CSGO the way I always wanted to. Anyway, will this 144hz monitor be useful for ETS2? I could play ETS2 competitively.... Ok, jk. I wanted to share this with someone ;-;
  3. Wolfman93

    Driving Safely in Heavy Traffic in Calais- Duisburg Road

    There's no thing called safety on that road. Not because of the people who actually read these forums, but because of all those guys who think that a 2 ways road is a Formula 1 track with monster trucks vs nascar.
  4. Wolfman93

    Share Your Desktop

    I know, it's the coolest
  5. Wolfman93

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    It's good, but that's not the main reason for the accidents. The main reason are people tailgating eachother with a lot of drivers behind, and the guys who overtake on small roads without even tabbing to see if there are only 2 players on the road and/or the distance in between trucks.
  6. Wolfman93

    Funny Videos Thread

    I was playing some CSGO, and this is what happened (notice that the window is smoked)
  7. Wolfman93

    What song are you currently listening to?

    I don't understand what they say, but I like the song.
  8. Wolfman93

    What sport or sports do you do?

    Airsoft and hiking.
  9. Wolfman93

    Three word story making...

    all the rounds
  10. Wolfman93

    What song are you currently listening to?

    Rush B, P90. Davai davai :') I love this song.
  11. Wolfman93

    What's Your Winter Like?

    @TheCreepyTruckr My bad, brother. NOW THEY OPENED A TIM HORTONS IN SPAIN TOO!!!!! What's next? A leaf on the flag? THE FLAG IS RED!!! WE WON'T SEE THE DAMN LEAF!!! Winter is turning all the people crazy!!!
  12. Wolfman93

    Beautiful/Funny Road Stories

    Not funny, but kinda beautiful. I was speeding on ATS before the speed was nerfed into the ground, and a guy from Australia was doing 55 mph on the overtaking lane. I was mad at him, even was about to call an admin, but I cooled down, I told him to pull over and I explained him the EU/NA traffic laws about the lanes, and after all, he thanked me for explaining him, and apologised. Imagine if all the players who do wrong on TMP would do that..... it would be a perfect world. <3
  13. Wolfman93

    Confess Time :)

    Once, I chased a guy down the road to crash into him (I was new to TMP back then) and he lagged, and I got my very first 100% damage ;-;