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  1. I would notice a lot of improvement on CSGO as I run it over 300 fps, but on ETS? I mean. I run it over 130-150 fps in certain places (excluding Calais/Duisburg/Amsterdam/Bergen and overflooded areas), but still, it was a bad joke. I would obviously notice the smoothness but on ETS is just useless lmao. What kind of improvement would it be? Avoiding someone to crash into me? It would happen anyway xD
  2. Well, after my 1st week working at this new place, I got paid (they pay every week) so I've got me a 144hz monitor so I can play CSGO the way I always wanted to. Anyway, will this 144hz monitor be useful for ETS2? I could play ETS2 competitively.... Ok, jk. I wanted to share this with someone ;-;
  3. I was playing some CSGO, and this is what happened (notice that the window is smoked)
  4. All righty, I will try it. I was basically asking because, as I said, right after the update, I kept playing on TMP (ATS) and I could play with no problem. I thought that it was a bug and I didn't have to downgrade the game. Anyway, thanks for the quick answer. An admin can lock this if nobody else is going to say anything. Regards, Alex.
  5. I don't know if it's a bug of my own client or something, or if someone else's getting this error, but do I have to downgrade the game, or do I have to re-install the TMP client? EDIT: About 3 days ago, after the ATS update, I could've still played ATS without any problem.
  6. Basically because I meet so many retar... ignorant people ingame (on ATS mostly, because that's what I play), I decided to explain the people how to actually use the lanes. I know this will look like a joke to the most, but it's very important to explain to the people how to drive, because they don't know (and I'm tired of being called an idiot when horning some retard on the road who is using the overtake lane while doing 30mph on a 75mph road). Here it comes. Don't forget to tell your friends how to use the lanes. You will save them from a possible
  7. All righty. Thanks, I didn't know about that events bar. Solved
  8. Hi there. Since I've got me the New Mecskeeco DLC, and there were supossed to be crash sites, I haven't seen any. Happens also while driving in Single Player. How could I fix this? Is it only related to my game, or to any other people too? Regards, Alex.
  9. Yes, it's solved. Thank you You can lock the post if you want to.
  10. The 2nd rule about ingame, says that you have to respect the laws of each state (country, region, etc..). I understand that ETS2 EU#2 is used to drive like crazy because there's no speed limit, but....... ATS has only 2 servers, one for EU and another one for NA, without a speed restriction. Is it reportable if someone, in any of those 2 servers, is doing 90mph on a 25mph road? Also. If someone runs red lights (no matter of the speed, but the fact), should be reported?
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