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  1. Hello guys once again, thank you so much for all the response! the problem is, I don't know why, but, I used to be able to sleep in MP server europe 2. And it worked fine, the list always reappeared. Now I am simply unable to (says I am not in need of rest), and since I am new to the game, I don't know if this is servers doing, to have this feature removed. (and I don't play SP) I tried some alternative methods though. I used the ets2sync website to sync jobs, and, acording to what I noticed, as far as I don't load any quick save state, the job list won't vanish. I also realized that if I set the economy to 1 in the config notepad, the issue goes away. But the moment I load a quick save state, it vanishes again. And if I drive directly to a pick up location, it won't appear either. Furthermore, since I don't have a second garage, I couldn't check for this solution ATM. So, making it short, I am going with the ets2sync method and avoiding quick save states load. cheers you all!
  2. Hello guys, I have been facing some issues with my MP I simply have zero jobs in the freight market and quick jobs. I have tried the 'fix', going to the config and changing g_force_economy_reset to 1, and it works.. but only for 1 job. after this, I am back to empty list. Has anyone discovered how to solve this problem? this is driving me crazy... EDIT: I have tried F7+enter (no avail) and in the server that I play (europe 2) I don't know why, but I simply cannot sleep/rest to restore the jobs anymore (this used to work).
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