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  1. British RedCross Charity Convoy 2021 About The Event We Are Supporting British RedCross For Are Charity Convoy This Year. The charity convoy consists of a Truckfest, a major convoy across four routes and having fun with the TruckersMP community. We have been planning this event for a long time and we cant wait to see the outcome. Can you also confirm your attendance via ETS2C, so we know who is coming to the event. We can use this evidence to get an events server from TruckersMP, you can do this by clicking the link Here. Important In
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  4. Little late but congratulations Iphon

  5. Went to TMP Official ATS Convoy Today Amazingly Planned Love The Ending Location Thx To All The Event Staff And Everyone Else Involved Here Is A Photo From The Event. 
    Me Left @JamesS014Middle @Schak BruijnRight @Phon PoPo Car

  6. Went on a little convoy with My VTC (Bruijn Logistics) Today We started off with 3 drivers But before we left we had over 6 And A Few Public With Us. @JamesS014 @Schak Bruijn 

    @Nico_264(GER) CihangirK @MarcusN @LoveF2P And Public Including [FORZA]Lemon And some name I cant type IMAO.




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  9. Having A Amazing Opeing connvoy for Bruijn Logistics with @Schak Bruijn and @JamesS014 With other Drivers And prime tag along too here is some images. ets2_20201008_200327_00.png

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