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  1. Many more players don't obey the traffic rules,we need more administrators.You can give more choices,link me,yeah,I will do the best :)
  2. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    Small roads?

    Change your setting to small roads,you will find very more woodlands.
  3. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    Which country you like to drive ? (DLC or not)

    Italy and France,because they are so beautiful.When I driving in the path in woodland,I feel so relax.
  4. What is the route and rendezvous point in 4 MAY?

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      I sent you a private message. Check it :) 

    2. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi
  5. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    Ets2 and vr

    I tried it once, and I felt my vision broadened a lot,and I like it,but you can not use it every time,because if you do it for a long time,you will be swirl.
  6. That's so good,thanks.
  7. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    How do you react if TMP unbans all users except hackers?

    I think it's not would be good. The banned player all banned for a real reason.
  8. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    Servers Speed limit 97

    I know you're kidding.
  9. But that's not the reason we broke the rules. We have to follow the rules.
  10. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    Is this normal?

    Don't worry,it's nothing.You think you are what you are,and you think not you are not,be yourself man.
  11. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    When is winter mod coming back?

    Maybe next year
  12. Very nice,and I like the last way,but you know many drivers like the Calais trail.
  13. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    Who can tell me when to recruit?

    Thank you so much.And thank you so much about my father.
  14. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    How has TruckersMP impacted your life?

    TMP is part of my life.Love so much.
  15. SanRen-[007]*Tai Zi

    Who can tell me when to recruit?

    I am an old driver,and I play the ETS2 everyday.And I've been in the TruckersMP for two years now. I love the game.Because my father was a truck driver.But he's dead now.When I play this game, I think of my father.He love me so much. But I find not everyone obeys the traffic laws.So who can tell me when will recruit the new Game Moderator?I want in.Thank you so much!