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  1. Hello,my friends! I have a question: How to make the player tag in front of the nickname display vertically (horizontally by default)? I saw some players displayed vertically.Just press Enter ? And thank you for your answer.
  2. Renault T has been released at ETS2, enjoy driving, guys!
  3. A few days ago, SCS Software released a video of the sound of a truck start. People speculated that it was Renault T. Today, SCS Software released another photo, and the friends confirmed that it was Renault T. It is so exciting. After all, we wait too long. I wonder if it will come out with the new version 1.36? Look forward to it!
  4. Now you can buy the garage directly online. As long as you have enough game gold coins, you can buy as much as you want. All the garages on my map are owned.
  5. I've been adding employees for a while until I've been reminded that I can't continue adding them. I haven't paid any attention to them since then, so I don't know how many employees I have now. Hahahaha~
  6. It's hard to reach 100%. The game has been updating the map dlc, and I can't run all the routes. There are always some remote routes that haven't run through.
  7. Hey,friends! Look what I found out.In the TruckersMP login page, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are assembled together.Will this mislead the player against the rules of the game for truck modifications?Or is it permissible in the rules? (Maybe it'll be kicked off the line automatically?)
  8. I have both games. I think I prefer ETS2. ETS2 has a rich map DLC, which can let me feel the scenery of different countries. ATS has many spacious and straight routes that allow me to enjoy speed. I prefer Euro trucks to American trucks with long truck heads. (Long truck heads may be safer in real life.^_^) And in multiplayer games, ETS2 is far more popular than ATS. And I spend more time playing ETS2 than ATS. So...
  9. I'll slow down.I just want to enjoy the game without any problems. It's also a form of courtesy in real driving life.
  10. Hello!

              Kat~:DI want to know why  can't we have the same weather changes in our game online as time, for example, rain?(the most basic weather). As everyone knows if I need the rainy day ,I need to set it myself...When I drive in the rain, others may run in the big sun...(I think it's inconceivable.:unsure:

              So I hope  we can have changeable weather and have a rainy day or a sunny day at the same time in the game online one day.It's going to be really nice!

              Love you~:wub:



    1. Positivetrucking168


      The developers are planning to incorporate server-side weather changes among other server-side things, however it's unlikely to happen until SCS stops supporting ETS2. 

    2. Baby on Board
  11. Spoiler



    1. #null


      Thank you

      I will waiting for you.

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