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  1. No. Because this is truck simulator not bus, but if you want bus you can download mod
  2. i hope winter mod will about to new year not like last year in summer continuied
  3. waiting for coming 1.33 and balitca. so we will so soon how cool will be 1.33
  4. Waiting coming of DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea...

  5. it's the save editing. when you edit truck files and change parts form 1 truck to 2-nd
  6. Hey, thank you for follow me :wub:

  7. Yes and waiting for realise to play in mp. Buy krone boxliner, new 2x trailers and play with dlc beoynd the baltic sea
  8. Thanks for the follow back <3

  9. SimModer


    good idea but some company has their own escor cars
  10. buy if you want make your game more beautiful
  11. where i can play euro truck with friends
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