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  1. Hmm I wonder why special transport is still not allowed.....maybe because this would be technically possible in multiplayer rofl.




    1. Titanic4


      There are few reasons of this: 

      1. Size of the trailer(and specifically its load) - on the provided screenshot the load on the very last trailer is wider than the load on the b-double in front. When making turns you will need much more space. This could cause major issues in populated locations, as other players won't be even aware of the amount of space required to make a turn.

      2. AI escort vehicles - pretty obvious, AI is not synced whatsoever in TruckersMP.


    2. happy_trucking_ets2


      @Titanic4I was being sarcastic :P 

      And yes I understand that this would cause.....problems, not only in populated areas, but just everywhere.

      But if a developer implements the special trailer/cargo at some point, this trailer combination would be possible.

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