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  1. You don't see this alot: 



    The only day I saw something similar to that is this, the day ETS2MP needed a full restart:

    But it seems like they are still 61 troopers online, in the server, good luck guys! :D

    1. Encrypted™


      It's because the people that don't have ETS2 on automatic update off can play, it's very hard to downgrade it. 

  2. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Describing D-C Road With One Word

  3. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Lag spikes in ETS2MP

    Thank you all for your help, and I have found the problem. It was ONE specific setting for me that I didn't even think about. As you can see in the screenshot, it is the headlights option. I disabled it, restarted my game, went to drive around for a bit, and everything is smooth again. So as far a as my theory for it goes: My pc is good, but loading in trucks, and especially the lighting for those trucks causes the lag spikes. I will mess around with the settings the coming few days, but it seems that the problem is solved for now atleast. Again thank you all for your help! Happy Trucking!
  4. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Lag spikes in ETS2MP

    Hello, I have some weird lag spike problems in ets2mp, and I am trying to figure out what precisely is causing the problem. If I go back about 3-4 months ago this problem didn't exist, and I don't really understand what is going on. One thing I do know, is that the lag occurs mostly when entering an area with players (so when the game tries to load the trucks/trailers etc). Lowering the draw distance, and lowering the smoothing distance makes it only worse. My draw distance is normally maxed and it seems like the ingame draw distance limit is 489(when opening the config.txt file in the documents\ETS2MP). Lowering the graphics (even to something stupid like 800x600 with low graphics) doesn't change anything either. PC temperatures are fine, tried multiple graphics drivers, and nothing seems to change or help in any way. My pc specs are: I7 7700K GTX1080 32gb ram 500 gb samsung 960 euo nvme ssd So my specs shouldn't be a problem, as far as I know. And the game runs normally at about 60-120 fps, it really depends on how many people are in the area. The only thing that I can think of that *might* help, is if I can change the draw distance to something like 4x the amount. That way the game would load most of the traffic in the area at once. And hopefully makes the lag spikes a bit less. But as far as I know that is not something I can change in the settings. Thank you for reading, and I hope someone has a suggestion, or an idea about what is going on. Happy Trucking ETS2
  5. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Cargo Weight Limit

    Thank you very much for your answer, it is all clear to me now The problem is solved. Happy Trucking!
  6. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Cargo Weight Limit

    Hello, I was wondering if you are allowed to savedit your trailer to make it heavier than it normally is. The only rule I can find about this is the line: 'Cargo weight must not be below 0'. Example: I sometimes see other people driving with a very heavy trailer. And they have 150T in their tag. My question is simple, is this allowed or not? (if you avoid busy locations on the map of course) Thank you!
  7. I am starting to miss this majestic trailer....



  8. You know that your are driving for too long, if you take a corner too quick, you fall over.................and of course suddenly White Wolf. is behind you :P



  9. 0/10 needs more power :mlg_doge:



  10. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Best configuration for OBS¿?

    Hi @Jose Duran I looked up a youtube video for you, it might be a bit easier to follow than screenshots etc. He doesn't have your exact specifications, but it is very close. You might have to turn down the settings a bit, but you will have to test it, since every pc is different. Good luck, I hope this helps! Happy Trucking ETS2
  11. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Winter mod is now available!

    This is kinda special, haven't seen this happen in a while.
  12. Paris, 'the city of love'....:blink:



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    2. Nathan


      I was planning on taking a drive to Paris today. I've changed my mind.

    3. Happy Trucking ETS2

      Happy Trucking ETS2

      It think this happened when one of the last updates rolled out. Not sure what they are looking for there, but it is just......one giant traffic jam :thinking:

    4. ^China^~YouTube~


      Wow There is me in the picture. Approach the repair shop:o


    My moustache scania, and my cargotrain of course :P





  14. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Network problem

    Hello @Muzammel Try the solutions posted in this topic. You error looks very similar to his. Please let us know if any of the solutions helped.
  15. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Allow AI models to be used

    I think it has a good and a bad side. The good side would be, that just having more variety in the car models would be very nice. There are different truck models, so having different car models seems like a nice addition. But..... We all know what will happen when such and update rolls out: -Alooot of people wil drive with the cars, since it will be quite the update. Causing probably more mayhem, that we don't really need. - It is still a truck sim at the end of the day. The fact that the TruckersMP team added skodas in the first place, was quite a surprise. It will turn the game more in a.....car simulator than a truck simulator if we add alot more car models. It sounds like a good idea, and having some kinda of test period (a week for example) to see the results of such an update.....why not? If it doesn't work out they can probably revert it back to normal. +1 for me....but there needs to be alot of supervision to see if it was a succesful test, or not.