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  1. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Storing trailers in garages

    Hello, I know trailers that are longer than the default trailer combinations are not allowed anymore. But I do have alot of them stored in my garage, so I would like to know if I can keep them in my garages, but I won't drive them in multiplayer. I will only use those trailers in singleplayer, since they are fun to drive with. It doesn't say in the rules if you can store those trailers in the garages, so, I am not sure if it is allowed. Hope someone can clear this up, Happy Trucking ETS2
  2. I guess singeplayer isn't too bad if you mess around a bit, and create a trailer with 5 trains and a silo of course :P


    1. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      I hope you installed a modded 2000 HP engine as well... :LUL:

  3. I have sent my complaints trough the feedback system, about the new 'update' since that is for whatever reason, the only place they will even respond with a proper answer (hopefully).


    It is very clear what the TruckersMP team wants, and what the community wants, and those opinions are very opposite it seems. There was even a poll up for a very short amount of time, where people could vote what server they used the most, and if they wanted the old system back. ( This poll was very quickly moved to trash for whatever reason......)


    And it was very clear, that a very, very large portion of the community do not like the new servers. I hope we can get together and find a proper solution to this, instead of forcing a system to people. There are ways to make this work for everyone, we just have to talk about it, and come to some form of agreement.

    1. [ST-E] mrhijden

      [ST-E] mrhijden

      i dont even see the issue if i'm honest. yes arcade servers are NCZ. so what? yes simulation have max speed of 110. so what? people will find a way to troll anyway, with or without the team doing this. maybe it get's rid of some of the trolls. since they can't slam into people anymore at 150.

    2. Happy Trucking ETS2

      Happy Trucking ETS2

      Have you seen the 'simulation 1' server? It is one giant mess, even more than the old Europe 2. Limiting speed is not the issue here, I don't even really mind it, but what I want is a proper simulation server, and a different option, for people who don't want to drive 100% realistic, which is a large portion of the playerbase.

      One simple solution would be to change arcade 1 or 2, to a server with collision, give them more playerspaces even and done. 

    3. [ST-E] mrhijden

      [ST-E] mrhijden

      there should be 1 server with NCZ if you ask my. makes a place for fun VTC events, In example cops and robbers. could be seen as dangours driving. wich back in the day wasn't the issue on eu4. havent fully read the new rules yet not sure how and what. arcade in general not a bad idea. both ncz. might me a bit much.

  4. gruba alırmısınız


  5. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Road to Simulation

    You know what, Increase the amount of players in arcade 2, give that server collision, and done, everyone happy. I understand realism, but you need to give people an alternative to what they had. And the more I ask people about this subject, I hear time and time again that they want the old Europe 2 server back. And this is a BIG part of the community btw, not a small amount. Again I understand the problems with the old europe 2 server, but hey, give people a warning before they join that type of server, state what the rules are, and now we have some proper simulations servers, AND we have alternatives. Please listen to the other part of the playerbase as well, thank you. happy_trucking_ets2
  6. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Road to Simulation

    So..... What was wrong with this system, is what I'm kinda questioning: Ignore the arrow, was an old picture from a different topic. But ehm..... what problem do we see here......ehmm...what about the fact that ALMOST NO players are playing in the simulation server..... But....still, there was a simulation server, and a freeroam server, I don't really understand what was wrong with the old system tbh.
  7. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Road to Simulation

    Hmm, When all the 5000+ players will join again, doing the exact same thing as before, only now going to Simulation 1......nothing will really change. Will be interesting to see people overtaking with a 110 km/h speedlimiter.....great. Don't forgot this happened earlier, you know, making a speedlimiter at all. When they changed it to 150 km/h. Now it is a bit less, wow, that will stop all the trolls for sure........not really I guess we will see what happens.
  8. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Road to Simulation

    Hello, I might have a question that might not be completely suitable for the feedback system, so I'm just going to ask it here first. This is quite an extreme change, in my opinion, but I do understand why the team wants to implement this change. The only thing is, I am not so sure if the community is really agreeing with this change. There are 2 very opposite types of players in this community, one that wants realism, and one that that is playing more for the fun and freedom you get in the game. You were able to see those opposites perfectly in the old europe 2 server. And you know what, that is exactly the reason europe 2 was the most popular, since you could choose what you wanted to do in the server. The problem now is, that the so called *trolls* will still move to a different server. And you can be sure, that they choose a server with collision on. You could see that immedietly after this change, every *troll* instanly moved to simulation 1. So.....nothing has changed really. So, the rules are changed....alot. But the basic problems that I guess the truckersmp team is trying to solve, is not being fixed by this change. Again, I understand the change to focus more on realism, but this sudden change might have and extreme effect on the amount of players that will even join. It would have been nice if people actually knew this was going on in the background, or you could have even added a poll at some point. To actually see directly what the playerbase wants. This didn't happen as far as I know. But well, I guess i'm just a normal player, that is on the brink of leaving. I have talked to some people, and I am not the only on that thinks this. And yes I am going to send more information to the feedback system, but I just feel that this needs to get out there. Happy Trucking ETS2
  9. Hmm I wonder why special transport is still not allowed.....maybe because this would be technically possible in multiplayer rofl.




    1. Titanic4


      There are few reasons of this: 

      1. Size of the trailer(and specifically its load) - on the provided screenshot the load on the very last trailer is wider than the load on the b-double in front. When making turns you will need much more space. This could cause major issues in populated locations, as other players won't be even aware of the amount of space required to make a turn.

      2. AI escort vehicles - pretty obvious, AI is not synced whatsoever in TruckersMP.


    2. Happy Trucking ETS2

      Happy Trucking ETS2

      @Titanic4I was being sarcastic :P 

      And yes I understand that this would cause.....problems, not only in populated areas, but just everywhere.

      But if a developer implements the special trailer/cargo at some point, this trailer combination would be possible.

  10. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Game not saving

    @The-Night_-Driver This is a tricky one. I think the only way we can figure out if this actually has to do with the installation of TruckersMP/Euro Truck Simulator 2, or the savegame being the problem, is by letting someone else try your save on their computer. Something else that could work is if you have a laptop for example. If anyone else has an other suggestion please try and help. The last thing I can think of if this doesn't work is editing your savefile to remove the 'bug', but even that is not guaranteed to work. Happy Trucking ETS2
  11. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Game not saving

    @The-Night_-Driver What I think the console was saying, is that one of your drivers is trying to use a truck, but can't, for whatever reason. And it 'could' be that one of your drivers, or trucks is bugged. To test this out, try to dismiss all the drivers you have hired(so they don't use a truck), and make a new save (name it test or something for safety). And see if that helps. Good luck!
  12. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Game not saving

    Hello @The-Night_-Driver, It looks like one of your drivers is having a problem with a truck. In your case it is 'driver.189'. That doesn't tell alot, but something your could do (if you don't have aloooot of drivers and trucks atleast), is dismissing the driver that uses a truck that is in your possession. Or driving that truck yourself. Do you have alot of drivers in this save that you are using?
  13. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Game not saving

    Hello @The-Night_-Driver, I might have an idea, to atleast figure out if your game is saving properly. But for that we need to enable the console 1: Go to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder located in your Documents folder. It's normally somewhere here: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2. 2: Open config.cfg with notepad. 3: Search for uset g_developer and change the "0" to a "1". 4: Search for uset g_console and change the "0" to a "1". 5: Start your game, load your save. And press the ~ key when your are ingame. You will see the console on the top left at this point. Close the console, save the game, and open the console again. What we are looking for here is a line that says: 'creating save game file'. And if everything goes well it shouldn't give any errors after that 'creating save game file' line. It seems like your game is confused by, something, when saving the game. So I hope this gives us some information on what is causing that. Good luck! Happy Trucking ETS2
  14. I guess there might be something as 'Too many trains' :

  15. Happy Trucking ETS2

    How to record triple monitors, with nvidia shadowplay?

    @LordBenji Sadly changing the game to windowed, or windowed borderless, or anything else than fullscreen, it just completely breaks. Surround is always a bit....ehm...messy. But I am just going to ask it on the SCS forum, maybe someone there knows if it is even solvable at all. ETS2 doesn't really support triple monitor setups very well at all, so it is all a bit experimental, in my experience atleast. Thank you all for your help, I am just going to mess around with the settings a bit, and if I don't figure it out, then maybe someone on the SCS forum knows it.