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  1. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Why have no many player the hacking mods ingame active?

    Hello @KW_Transporte, It is possible that someone is indeed using mods or hacks to, sadly, ruin your day. But it could also be that the player is lagging. My advise is that you record these moments, if your are able to, and send them to the report section of the website: https://truckersmp.com/reports If you need any more help, please ask! Happy Trucking ETS2
  2. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Micro stutters every 10-15 seconds.

    Hello @_benji, Since it seems it only happens to you in MP I would recommend u to use a program that can monitor your CPU and GPU's temperatures. MP can ask quite alot of your graphics card/cpu and it could be that one of the two is getting too hot and throttles back every so often, which could cause the stutters. If you go to this page: https://www.msi.com/page/afterburner -(1) Download msi afterburner, you will be able to see your pc's temperatures with this program. - (2) Start the game in MP, join the game, load in and let it settle in for like 10 minutes. -(3) Alt-tab to your desktop and see in msi afterburner how hot your gpu/cpu gets Can you provide a screenshot of the tempratures after that? Hope this helps you! Let us now if this helps
  3. Happy Trucking ETS2


    Yes. Thank you all for your replies, and have a nice day
  4. Happy Trucking ETS2

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  5. Happy Trucking ETS2


    Hello, I have played alot of ets2mp and have encountered alot of people blocking the road ingame. And they get a suitible punishment, when I record and report them on the website, but the problem is not solved at that point when playing the game. Pm'ing game moderators is sadly not possible, so players are stuck, waiting until a game moderator comes to the rescue. I understand why normal players can't pm game moderators (since they will probably get alot of spam), but is there a way ingame to 'ask' a game moderator for help? Thank you
  6. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Uphdate Problem

    Hello @Bigos01 Does this error occur when you start the game with the TruckersMP Launcher, or did this happen while ingame? Thank you
  7. Happy Trucking ETS2

    yardım et

    Hello @LuigiN97 Jobs most of the time refresh when you take a nap ingame. Park up at at sleeping spot, rest and after a few times new freight should appear. Good luck
  8. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Unsupported game version detected! Help

    Hello @CargoBulls, Could you make a screenshot of what versions you do have in your beta's? The "temporary_1_31 - 1.31.x for incompatible mods" beta, should be in the list. Thank you
  9. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Video Report

    Hello, You might be thinking about this a bit too hard. Just report it on the report section of the website, and provide a for example a youtube link to a hidden video with your evidence. And make a report for every single person that way. Example here: Good luck
  10. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Caravan Trailer

    Hello Twitch_LexusLSD, Try the solutions mentioned by other people above me first because they have no direct disadvantages. It can happen sometimes that trailers and caravans don't show up in the freight market. This might be a final solution for you. As stated in the link I provided: This will reset and repopulate your jobs list / freight market and return you to your home garage. Could you inform us if my, or any of the solutions mentioned before me helped you? Thank you
  11. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Scania S 730hp truck speed limit 132

    I am not sure why you are trying to go beyond 130 km/h, but yes a truck will struggle if you are trying to pull a heavy trailer. The only advise I will give you, is that if you are pulling a heavy trailer, it is recommended to have more gears (for example the 12 gear transmission in the scania). And you can try out some different gearboxes to find one that suits you. But....if you have a feeling that you are being 'locked' at 136 km/h, then I think you are trying to turn the game more in a racing game than a truck sim.
  12. Happy Trucking ETS2


    It could also be a server overload. The game can have random freezes/ lag moments sometimes when the EU #2 server is filled to the max. So it would be useful if you could tell us at what moments you have these freezes.
  13. Happy Trucking ETS2

    [GAME]Speedlimiter for reckless drivers

    Suggestion Name: Speedlimiter for reckless drivers Suggestion Description: All the people that get reported for reckless driving/speeding, get a standard ban. But after the ban period they get a speed limiter for 1 week(or more depending of the severity of the ban of course). Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: That way we could have the speedlimiter removed for normal drivers, but the people that drive recklessly would need to wait out their ban time, and after that get a speedlimit for some time.
  14. Happy Trucking ETS2

    Truck or car?

    It depends on the situation, beacuse the trucks are way more realistic to drive with than the skoda. I like the trucks more, but the skoda's are useful for piloting a convoy for instance.