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  1. ExDe707

    Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    Made a special form of fanart for you guys. Graffiti in VR!
  2. ExDe707

    New MAN TGX Euro 6 is out !

    Personally I'm in love with this. It's about time a new truck is released, getting tired of seeing Scanias all the time whereas trucks like MAN are more popular in real life. The new MAN just looks so modern and clean.
  3. ExDe707

    How stressful is it to drive in ETS2MP EU-2 [Poll]

    ETS2 is a casual game. There is no need to get mad over it, there is no competitive mode, no K-D ratio to compare, it's simply fun. You can't get mad by playing ETS2 unless there are like two people constantly harassing you. Then again, this is extremely rare and if it does happen the mods are on your side. So yeah, calm. Super relaxing
  4. Agreed. Play singleplayer and earn some money so you can buy your own truck (and optionally a trailer) or save edit yourself some money.
  5. Suggestion Name: Shared Cabin Suggestion Description: The ability to enter another player's cabin and drive along with the targeted player on the passenger seat, as well as being able to manage who is able to enter your cabin Any example images: Why should it be added?: It has potential to be a fun and useful feature. It can strengthen friendships and with cabin accessories and driver animations turned on it's also pretty immersive. It can also be used by personell staff of VTCs to have a look at the driver's driving capabilities or a "cameraman" can record stunning footage of the SCS world while the driver keeps his eyes on the road. A road trip can suddenly become tons of fun when you're able to look to the side and admire the landscape.
  6. ExDe707

    No doubles area?

    Thanks, but the image is broken. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
  7. ExDe707

    No doubles area?

    There's been mention of doubles now being able to be used on the entire map, but the information provided is vague at best and I can't seem to find anything official. Can someone provide me with a map or something like that so I know which area to avoid in my double refrigerated trailer? I know Calais-Duisburg is the obvious answer, but there's more, right?
  8. ExDe707


    I haven't checked yet, but it's probable that the new update just reset it.
  9. ExDe707


    The 1.32 update implemented new trailer physics. All trailers are more prone to flipping so when you approach a curve slow the heck down. Like, you can't even go 60km/h on a highway on-/offramp anymore. I think this will discourage speeding altogether. Which is a good thing, but you're going to see a lot more flipped trucks on calais-duisburg now. So do as in real life, when approaching a tight curve, slow down and don't accelerate unless the curve is straightening out or you are halfway through.
  10. Suggestion Name: Better chat box Suggestion Description: Improved chat box that does not darken 40% of the entire screen when typing, it's size being adjustable and having a nice aesthetically pleasing border while also sporting a scroll bar. Give the option of it being transparent when not hovered over with the mouse and such. Any example images: Why should it be added?: The current chat box is quite an eyesore, especially because when you activate it it covers 40% of your screen. This is especially frustrating when you are recording and it disrupts the image or covers crucial evidence when reporting people. It should be shrinked down, there is absolutely no need for it to be this wide as it has a character limit anyways. It being able to be adjusted like any other window on your desktop adds the bonus of it being flexible throughout multiple screen sizes and resolutions as well as adding a little bit of personalization. I noticed a lack of a scroll bar, so adding it will make it easier to view older messages.
  11. ExDe707

    Waiting Update 1.32 MP

    I'm positive it will come out very soon. Give them a few more weeks, shouldn't be long now
  12. ExDe707

    What do you do when you see a crash?

    That is unneccessarily blunt. You can not get banned for ending up in the rear of a driver who just crashed or lagged out causing their truck to halt immedietally. Why the sudden blame on people who can't avoid the situation? Do you expect every driver in real life to be able to stop on the highway when they see an accident happening in their lane? You can't, it's unreasonable. If an accident happens, you have to expect collateral damage. You also seem to have forgotten that I mentioned Calais-Duisburg. People pay little to no attention to realism there, so are you going to blame every single driver that goes there? Just drop it man. ETS2 is a game after all, there is no reason to get upset over people who can't avoid being struck by someone who just crashed.
  13. Imagine you are on Calais-Duisburg road driving behind a truck when suddenly you see a crash infront of you. The truck infront of you stops suddenly and now you need to protect your precious cargo. What do you do in this instance? Do you dodge to left? Do you dodge to the right? Maybe you slam hard on the brakes and hold your steering wheel like your driving school taught you?
  14. ExDe707

    Overtaking speed

    I wonder how people overtake so well in this game, every time I try to overtake someone slow after following them for a while due to oncoming traffic my 730hp Scania seems to struggle even with a fairly light load. And then I see people who overtake me build up speed easily, it's not like they are speedhacking, that would be blatantly obvious, but isn't it a matter of engine and transmission?