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  1. BrXEiZ

    Where do you think TMP will be at the end of 2019?

    Some few new things, more noob players, more newbie staff. Same with 2018.
  2. BrXEiZ

    /fix or f7

    Using "Quick Save" skills before accident and loading it.
  3. BrXEiZ

    /fix for owned trailers.

    In the begginning of "/fix", it was fixing the trailer too. But the developers started vote to determine "/fix" command and players wanted "Don't fix the trailer." and they removed it.
  4. I want it too but i think they never add it :/
  5. BrXEiZ

    Which of these games do you like?

    I'm european so i prefer europe map. But ATS is good enough too.
  6. Ever since I started this game, I've always dreamed this driving mode being real. But i don't think it's going to happen.
  7. BrXEiZ

    Ets2 Speed Bug FIX ??

    SCS changed the physics of game. Yesterday, when i breaking, my engine is stops itself and my truck crushes to road blocks. Skoda same too. About your accelerate, Skoda needs adjust for sharp bumps. You know Skoda created for version 1.21 or 1.22.
  8. BrXEiZ

    New design for TruckersMP [Unofficial]

    I wish to the developers add it to game. It has great visual. Current is like Windows 98 password screen
  9. BrXEiZ

    Which DLC I should buy?

    In my opinion, you should buy Scandinavia DLC and High Power Cargo Pack DLC. Scandinavia has very very very good visual. You must see it.
  10. BrXEiZ

    When will the winter mod be added ?

    I hope to they add it within 10 days. But near to one gigabyte download is waiting for us...
  11. BrXEiZ

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    I was playing 18 WoS ET2 in 2012. I've been playing the ETS2 from 2014. I bought the game in 2015 but i don't have a 64 bit pc in 2015. 7-8 month later i bought my pc but i forgot the ETS2. Because i was playing another games. Now i have 961 hours in Steam records.
  12. BrXEiZ

    Best scania trucks>

    My favorite is the 4 series of Scania.
  13. BrXEiZ

    The most capacious truck

    I prefer the new Daf with 750 hp engine. But new Scania's are good too.
  14. BrXEiZ

    Should the reaction limit be removed?

    It's good to show what we like. But with no limits...
  15. BrXEiZ


    Save dosyasının içini açıp bakmayı denediniz mi? Kullandığınız save dosyaları bozuk olabilir. Bir daha kontrol edin. Eğer sorun devam ediyorsa save dosyasını size veren kişi ile irtibata geçin.