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  1. Hello, I'm sorry but almost did not understand anything of the above. Please specify your question
  2. Yavaş yavaş PC'ye bağlı bazı görevleri veya öğeleri temizlemeye çalışın (uzun ama ne yazık ki) belki de o zaman bir hata bulabilirsiniz
  3. Hi, as I understand in this situation that someone is trying to log in through your account or the system thinks that you are trying to break something in the account. For the first time I face such a problem, so I do not know. As you know, share with me, please.
  4. Ich auch so oft, obwohl es immer noch mit meinem Internet verbunden ist, manchmal ist es auch nicht sehr
  5. Bilgi için teşekkürler, iyi yolculuklar;)
  6. Özür dilerim, ama bence bu bir tercümanın işi mi yoksa yanılıyor muyum?
  7. Teşekkürler, bir kez daha sürücüleri bilgilendirir ve onları yönetir.
  8. I want cars like the Skoda Octavia, Toyota Camry and special cars to accompany heavy loads (like DLC cars) added
  9. Greetings I completely agree with what you wrote. Personally, I very often see such drivers. Regarding the calls to those whom I prevented, I do not mind, but on the contrary, thinking about it. But the problem is that some do not know other languages or simply do not have the opportunity for such communication. Regarding the fact that everyone is being punished, in a measure, I agree with this, but there are situations that I did not deliberately crash into and thus made a dangerous situation. But the best thing is that for such cases there are such programs as Fraps, Bandicam and others;)
  10. Her şey seni güzel bir ün yaptı. 14500 tebriklerimi kabul ediyor
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