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  1. Really a ban though? How about NOOO? Agreed with you on this. It doesn't make sense to keep messing with the servers when we already have the city speed limiter. Just NO. Keep messing with the servers and they are going to be really broken.
  2. Suggestion Name: Interchangeable Push to talk button Suggestion Description:This suggestion is in regards to changing the layout of the push to talk button for the CB Radio on TruckersMP servers to allow users to map out their own button for the CB Radio. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Here is why: Players with the ability to have their own box with an actual handheld CB Radio connecting device would be able to use this feature easily. The X key could be used as another function. Players would be able to use their wheel as their PTT button rather than having to reach over and hit the X key while driving. Putting this option in the admin panel while in the server. This can help people who are using steering wheels and other devices for simulating both games to be able to use the CB Radio without taking their hands off the wheel or their controller.
  3. I think that we need to hold a poll and see if this is something that the community overall can do to change that I do know a few people who have some how managed it.
  4. I don’t think this is necessary at all. You get banned if you cross red light and cause an accident. If you are by yourself in the middle of nowhere why would you be forced to stop at red lights? Yeah agreed but it’s not going to help in my opinion. People are just not the brightest bulb when it comes to high traffic areas and I don’t understand why lol
  5. As we all know, the push to talk button for TruckersMP is X and has been since 2017. Is there a way to change that PTT button to another key? Thanks!
  6. Well, think about it this way. It depends on the time of day, where you are and how many people are going to be on that route. Usually the I-5 up and about is packed with people. Phoenix is a big place where you can meet lots of cool people. Some of them not so cool. You can also find lots of people hanging out in Elko Nevada. There is a good amount of people in Seattle as well.
  7. I recently had the oppurtunity to try the new beta and have to say I am really impressed with SCS's new features. Rolling down your window has always been one of the realism objects that comes into play when driving. I also noticed that SCS has put in some underling code into the game regarding Mack Trucks, but has not officially announced this. What do you guys think about these new Features? Do you think Mack Trucks are FINALLY coming to ATS??
  8. Apparentley they are supposed to be putting an arcade server for ATS, at least that is what I understand. So a "Race VTC" is drivers who go over 62mph in ETS2 and over 81 mph on ATS to complete their loads. That is racing in my opinion.
  9. I think on ETS2 this is true. Being as I watch A LOT of streaming from you guys with much respect for the rules and admins alike, I feel a Rules Free server with collisions would better suite some, no speed limit.
  10. I want to hear all about how ATS Truckers feel about these new rules and servers put into place. Are you guys happy with a change? Do you think the arcade server is worth TMP investing in? Should there be collisions on the arcade server for more fun? Is the speed limiter on the Simulation servers going to hurt Race VTCs? Specifically, what about the actual rules change?
  11. Im actually sitting on the mountain right now lol
  12. I hope so! I love the road! Took it twice already and was sitting on the mountain last night for 2 hours and 45 mins during a company meeting and it was quite amazing to see almost 70 truckers in one area on ATS!
  13. I love the new update. There def needs to be a noncollision zone at the top of the mountain in Bellingham.
  14. SCS will create the map, MP will update it. That is how we will get "Coast to Coast." Patience, padawans.
  15. Well considering that it is real life law that you must pull over for emergency vehicles, I def think it should be in the rules, especially for ATS. Not sure on European laws, but I am also an avid ETS2 player as well as ATS.
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