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  1. Apparentley they are supposed to be putting an arcade server for ATS, at least that is what I understand. So a "Race VTC" is drivers who go over 62mph in ETS2 and over 81 mph on ATS to complete their loads. That is racing in my opinion.
  2. I think on ETS2 this is true. Being as I watch A LOT of streaming from you guys with much respect for the rules and admins alike, I feel a Rules Free server with collisions would better suite some, no speed limit.
  3. I want to hear all about how ATS Truckers feel about these new rules and servers put into place. Are you guys happy with a change? Do you think the arcade server is worth TMP investing in? Should there be collisions on the arcade server for more fun? Is the speed limiter on the Simulation servers going to hurt Race VTCs? Specifically, what about the actual rules change?
  4. Im actually sitting on the mountain right now lol
  5. I hope so! I love the road! Took it twice already and was sitting on the mountain last night for 2 hours and 45 mins during a company meeting and it was quite amazing to see almost 70 truckers in one area on ATS!
  6. I love the new update. There def needs to be a noncollision zone at the top of the mountain in Bellingham.
  7. SCS will create the map, MP will update it. That is how we will get "Coast to Coast." Patience, padawans.
  8. Well considering that it is real life law that you must pull over for emergency vehicles, I def think it should be in the rules, especially for ATS. Not sure on European laws, but I am also an avid ETS2 player as well as ATS.
  9. I think again that it is a great way to keep the community on their toes and following rules as well as having fun, which is what this community is about.
  10. I think physical effects on trucks and AI traffic in single player would be great as well! Then MP can backwards compute the stuff and make the physical effects transfer over to MP. Possibly Sync
  11. I think it looks very nice on all the truck with a day cab long chasis. Like REALLY good.
  12. I agree with @XxB3AsTxX_TMP. I think its a great way to get people's attention. It is a great way to get the community involved, especially on ATS. We love when he pulls us over or chases us around!
  13. On ETS2, I stop at all redlights and stop signs due to the amount of people on the server and the chances of getting banned are much higher. ON ATS, if there is no one around, I am not going to sit there and wait for a stupid light. Check your tab menu, mini-map and keep going!~
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