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  1. What recording software do you use.

    Bandicam on my side, even if it affects my fps.. if you suggest something else that doesn't drop gaming fps too much while recording, I'm gonna be glad! : )
  2. Money mod on MP?

    Welcome to forums, about your question.. you are allowed to ''cheat'' money, since it doesn't affect anyone else's gameplay. Just one example, that's how you can bump some $$$ via Cheat Engine. ; )
  3. Transparent window in MP

    Press Tab - Graphics - Settings - Windows Opacity, set it to minimum, so it's gonna go transparent.
  4. What is your way of dealing with Trollers or Rammers?

    Recording / Reporting so far is the best solution for me, you say it's useless, believe me..that's never gonna be useless, since there's a sequence of ban history leading to 4th - 1 month ban, 5th - 3 months ban, 6th - permanent ban, so they won't go away without consequences ; ) Worst you can do is to respond to trolling / ramming with the same and '''return back favor'', that's how you risk to get punished 'cause of somebody else's faults. Safe and happy trucking! : )
  5. Another Friday!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, have a nice weekend as well! : )
  6. [SCS Blog] Italia: New Industries

    So far everything looks tempting as for first impressions, so I'm starting to think that 'Bella Italia'' should be next in my collection of DLC's
  7. Add time stamps in chat

    I'm coming late here, but today I was thinking about suggesting exactly the same thing. So if time appears in chat, that would be useful as for determining exact interval from message to message and make 'spamming reports' accurate even without video evidence and just one screenshot may be enough. So I'm giving that suggestion + 1 , greetings! : )
  8. Hello and thank you for following me.

    1. ** Kamazik Transcargo **

      ** Kamazik Transcargo **

      Cheers, keep up being active! : )

    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Oh I am. I just get so tired of trucking that is why i am on the missionchief game right now. Just responding to calls left and right

  9. Keep getting a steam user ID already in game

    Similar issue of yours and tips given there, also what you can do is to restart Steam & TMP Launcher together with everything else mentioned above, greetings! : )
  10. Where can I find an interior accessory mod working with truckersmp?

    ^ Look at my previous messages, official DLC's are compatible with TMP and you can use them as much as you like, but custom interior mods downloadable from sites like https://ets2.lt/en/ won't be working on multi, just on single. Cheers!
  11. Where can I find an interior accessory mod working with truckersmp?

    Don't forget about Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack & DAF Tuning Pack , since they also add a little piece of accessories that you can place inside, as of what I know only official packs are going smooth with multi, everything else like free custom interior mods is not compatible with TMP.
  12. Where can I find an interior accessory mod working with truckersmp?

    I'm afraid it's not possible as for multi, saying that based on my own experience..even if I have the official Cabin Accesories Pack installed and some extra mods going with it, looks like they are compatible for single player only and can't be activated on multi.
  13. Steam account link problem

    Make sure to follow all of these steps one by one so you won't miss anything through the process, also what you can try to do is to reinstall ATS, after that reinstall TruckersMP Launcher so everything can be clear and as last you can attemp once again to go through site verification check.
  14. Thanks and cheers to @[GeoTC] BL4CKSK1LLfor new signature, keep up creative efforts! : )


    1. [GeoTC] BL4CKSK1LL

      [GeoTC] BL4CKSK1LL

      You're welcome ^_^ 

    2. [SK] - TeR*NOYAN28

      [SK] - TeR*NOYAN28

      wow that ıs legend :)

    3. ** Kamazik Transcargo **

      ** Kamazik Transcargo **

      Rusty and dusty as how most Soviet Kamaziks look in real life, that's why I like it! :D

  15. Steam account link problem

    I've just found one video that may help you set ATS in the way of how it has to be so you can play multi, greetings!