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  1. So it's finally here..


    Yours and mine Weekend!


    gl hf enjoyyy 🍹 ✨

  2. Gonna be raining till saturday. 🌦️


    But who cares anyway..


    You guys have a sunny one! 🌤️

  3. Now lemme add-up to What I've actually meant. - HQ as custom garages, parking spaces etc as for the major VTC's. There's not such a thing and I doubt that ever's gonna be a part of TMP, but I've seen it on SAMP back in the days, example: airlines having custom HQ's and fleet. - We know and we use the original brands of ETS2. What I've meant here is modded trucks like Kamaz, and many other else brands, not included yet on ETS2. Doubt it's ever gonna be a thing on TMP. - Background achievements? They've got add-on team, so they gotta think of something fancy. Still, I don't see how economy system gonna be a real thing on TMP, what's gonna be the purpose and what's gonna be the use of it.
  4. So now so wut


    So nuffin


    So muffin


    ..midweek's near..


    What you @ everyone gonna be doing?




    1. Mirage2357 Mbappé PSG

      Mirage2357 Mbappé PSG

      Gonna be at school most of the week 😞 But other than that, helping around on the forums, to hopefully increase my chances of becoming support staff in the future 🙂 

      Kind regards,
      Mirage2357 {ESP}

    2. [Gentle Rudeman] Xrissie

      [Gentle Rudeman] Xrissie

      Support team is most probably the best team of all, I've been there 2 times, pinkies they are. 🥰


      So I can wish you best of luck, keep following your dreams! 🤩

    3. Mirage2357 Mbappé PSG

      Mirage2357 Mbappé PSG

      Thanks for the support 🙂 No pun intended


  5. Welp. Somehow I believe that all we dream of those servers getting back to full capacity. Now, for example, I don't feel like trucking seriously anymore. ..and I can tell you why.. Those endless roads, majority of them empty. Now what's left on the map? Just C-D and the Calais - Lille - Brussels - Liege highway. But I've got no clue how that situation can be fixed, with SCS and their updates. Guess TMP gotta think of solutions, improve what they have to, new features, better management. ..from my Xris Nobody's point of view, TMP's not going into the right direction right now. But I won't get deep into details about it, to prevent any misunderstandings. We all might criticize and everything, but in the end of the day Upper Staff takes all fundamental decisions about the future of the project. 4 years later I'm still here as you see, I've seen a lot of stuff. Ups and downs, hot and cold periods. I can only wish for some major changes, only time will show.
  6. Now Imma keep you updated about something. I've been a part of Pries, family VTC that is, pro level there. ..then I've joined some minor to medium VTC's, some wolves there, call 'em GokBoru. and now I found myself at one same VTC called Aurora, with @Ceviland he's a devil, as you might guess Simply, that is. Welcome to my Xrissie's World.
  7. We know how to moderate Janek's community.


    ..or maybe we don't..


    Now you tell



  8. ..and now, to hear all your personal expectations from TMP. Imagine that TMP needs some or many improvements, it's never been a perfect network and we all know that. Writing feedbacks and stuff, giving out suggestions. Sometimes they hear us, sometimes they go by their ways of doing things. ..and now seriously What do you think that shall be done about the present and the future of TMP, as a virtual trucking community? I'm really curious about it.
  9. Why you so dark?




    and you're a lord of something..


    Uhm..tell me a little bit more about it




  10. So you not a big fan of me..


    ..cause I'm not admeeeeeen?




    1. 71505_Lemon


      I am you're biggest fan i don't care if someone is a staff member or not i treat everyone as equals 🙂 unless you're on my bad side 😜

    2. [Gentle Rudeman] Xrissie

      [Gentle Rudeman] Xrissie

      You know I like you too Lemonade.


      and to add up something, I've got one quote of myself..


      Rank doesn't really matter, but attitude does.



    3. 71505_Lemon
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