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  1. Hey, i saw recently a guy with 25 Screamers on his truck, and everytime he used his horns it was so loud and i tought would it be nice to only have a maximum of 5 Screamers on a truck so it would'nt be that loud? If you find spelling mistakes, you are welcome to keep it to yourself!
  2. I would say try the G29 and the G27 they are the best, i drive with a mouse but all my friends say the G29 and the G27 are the best so try them out.
  3. Pentuim(R) Dual-Core CPU 3.00GHz NVIDIA GeForve GT 610 4GB RAM
  4. I think it is not good if the game had much more flashing lights, and what is with the lags then? If the server were that good that they can handle it, it would be nice, but i think they are not that strong.
  5. Hey ich würd vllt heute auf den TS mal kommen, nur eine frage hätte ich da noch unzwar wie alt man mindestens sein muss
  6. Sourcream Muss man dafür im Ets2MP sein oder kann es auch offline sein, weil bei mir der Mp kein Bock hat zu starten. RausgE
  7. @Smoky_TMPNope nothing works And for the other Guys i mean only TruckersMP/ETS2mp not the singeplayer!
  8. Im trying to do that, Thanks guys/girls
  9. If i want to open the Game everything is ok but when i click Launch ETS2, it says."The game filesystem failed to initialize, aborting now." I patched the game to the version 1.28 and now it says everytime the Error. At version 1.27 it happend never. McMenyEk \<(^-^)>/
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