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  1. Não entendi bem porque fui banido do game.Obrigado!

    1. BRASUCA 24

      BRASUCA 24

      Peço ajuda.Obrigado!


    2. BRASUCA 24

      BRASUCA 24

      Perdão to confuso. Obrigado!

  2. Ngay lúc này, Tuyến Oslo trong trạng thái khẩn cấp  

  3. Xin Chào 


    Tôi đến Từ Châu Á

  4. Xin chao, Anh nhớ tôi không 

    Hi Hello admin 

  5. You can create 0 more reports, 16 max

    My job in the game is to report the game, I can not keep on reporting, It was MAX, long waiting time

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    2. Subtle [HKG]

      Subtle [HKG]

      @The reporter


      but i suggest you to care about yourself first before coming to care about others

    3. The reporter
    4. Anriandor


      As @SubtleGTA [HKG] said if you want to be an admin, become one but do not pretend to be one by camping in highly populated areas, flying around with the dev cam looking for incidents to report.


      Also, please do not complain about the long waiting times since admins are rather busy indeed and it necessarily takes time to review each report thoroughly. Remain patient and eventually, all of the submitted reports will be claimed.


      Since you are banned now anyway, reconsider your concept of playing the modification and do not just waste everybody's time by spamming the system with reports.




  6. Người lái xe Tải, ưu tiên Police ETS2

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