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  1. Normal loads ranging 18-35 tons best i'v got on R450 has been sub 28l/100km.. average over time of about 5000km, 13 litre engine vs 16 litre, i can see something in there..
  2. What i been driving in singleplayer meanwhile waiting for ets2MP to be supported.. R420, 12 speed gearbox with fitting rear end for economical cruising, no retarder.
  3. Indeed.. When i drove the 12 speed Scania, I hardly ever used low range spliter, pretty much split the last gear because it pushed all the way from 60-80kph, full jump from 10 to 12 would've required me to run the engine higher to about 1800revs so that jump a full gear ahad to 12 would actually be sensible and the engine could pull through. The split gears are there just to optimize your engine revs at any speed. or when you have seriously heavy load and the engine cant keep up if you shift full gears up. I usually took off in 2L and then skipped straight into 3H, 4H 5H, 6L 6H.
  4. For adaptive transmission, you need either pedal or a analogue button, no binary on off. Because throttle position determines the transmission behaviour
  5. Never seen allison transmission in a truck. Thats how common it is. All brands have their own automatics which are far better. Allison is more of a bus transmission
  6. Scania R440, Found a nice trailer to match it.
  7. ^ 80% of ETS2MP in nutshell. I dont understand why you need to lift the rear up so that you'll tip it over easier.
  8. In my opinion, None of the 8x4 chassis heavy haulers can be classed J-spec at all. No matter what. They are built to with single purpose in mind.
  9. Dont upload directly to the forum, use some external image host such as imgur.com or steam, just copy the link that ends into .jpg, .png or such and paste it here, if it shows up as a picture shortly after, it should work. The forum still assumes we living in age of dial up and images are bad for your health
  10. Here to ruin your day, its related to syncroless-gearbox shifting, Not an double-clutch-gearbox where it "seamlessy" changes gears. Doubleclutching when commanding an Eaton Fuller (namely, hardly anyone else anymore has the best type of gearbox) means that when you upshifting, you clutch into neutral, release clutch, and clutch into next gear. Because you need to wait the for the input shaft to slow down so that it matches the speed of the next gear, Without grinding, as you would if you'd shift directly from gear to gear. Reason for this is, that there is no syncon rings infront of the actual gears, that would match the speed of the gear, and the input shaft. Also reason why its pretty much the fastest manual transmission there is for trucks. (read: Not those damn pickups!)
  11. @Vindictive Its in the Controller options where you change between transmission modes. I'v yet to test the actual difference between these modes, But logically Power will shift late on the powerband (1500-2000) instead of on torque (1100-1500) Eco probably tries to shift economically, Dont know does it do stuff like Volvo's iShift that it shifts the transmission in neutral to roll down hills etc.. But since these are in the Adaptive Transmission section, it means the throttle pedal position matters, In other words: No effect for those who use keyboard or mouse, Using cruisecontrol to drive might have an effect
  12. Quality over quantity, No point posting something absolutely useless to every single post you can find. You shouldnt mind about the reputation, if you post regularily and quality posts, it'll build over time.
  13. Whats the deal with those michelin guys? or the horns?
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