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  1. How is ETS 2

    A beautiful game legend ETS 2
  2. Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    ETS 2 will be good for this
  3. Update 1.32

    new update will be good
  4. What is the best DLC to ETS

    Scandinavia And İtaly Legend
  5. What is the most useless/ugly DLC for you?

    There are lots of paint packages, some of which are unnecessary
  6. always scania I use
  7. Have you ever seen CD this bad?

    DC the road is always crowded
  8. Which server do you prefer? and why?

    EU 2 good because it's too crowded
  9. On Which road do you drive often?

  10. Speed Limit Aftermath and Scania R730

    The trolls do not listen for 150 km they do guinea troll
  11. TruckersMP Game Moderator Streams

    It looks great
  12. Scania I use good truck
  13. What is the best DLC to ETS

    Definitely Scandinavia the best
  14. Best Truck Brand

    scania the best the strongest truck
  15. Scania S or Scania R?

    of course Scania S