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  1. Hi there! you need to downgrade your ETS. Here a little guide how to downgrade. Kind regards, Impulse.
  2. Impulse_

    Double trailers

    Yes i think its a good dicision cause the city’s where it’s not allowed to drive with the doubles are to busy and would be a chaos
  3. One of the best update, only the stability may be better but i think that will be fixed in another update. The loading system makes it a bit more realistic so thats defenitly a +1 Overall the update is pretty nice!
  4. Impulse_

    Winter Mod

    Nope not just you, me also! Love the winter and the snow
  5. What i think that he means is driving with the doubles. ( Thats the only thing i can suggest from “Or if you can drive so only as before in Scandinavia.” If that is so than here is a perfect topic for it. If not, can you give more details?
  6. Mostly i'm using black and blue.
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