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  1. PrezMedia™

    Bentum Gaming Community

    Kan worden gesloten en verwijderd worden
  2. PrezMedia™


    Goodluck! Btw Your discord link is not valid:)
  3. PrezMedia™

    Bentum Gaming Community

    Ben jij opzoek naar een nieuwe vriendelijke VTC Join Bentum Gaming Community vandaag Our Requirements: - Je bent 13 jaar oud. - Spreekt goed nederlands (Alleen nederlands binnen de VTC. - je hebt meer dan 50 uur op eurotruck simulator - Je bent een vriendelijk persoon die graag een leuk convoytje rijd met je mede collegas. Waarom Bentum Gaming Community? - Nieuwe VTC Met kansen op een staf positie - Binnenkort meerdere game servers - Speciale ranks die laten zien hoe actief je bent - Super leuke mensen in de community En veel meer
  4. Thanks everyone for the great convoy today hope to see you on the next one


  5. PrezMedia™

    Invisible Item

    Random events You dont see it because there is no IA For example there are people standing on the road but you dont see the cars
  6. PrezMedia™

    The New Paints Jobs Baltics country Problems

    That topic isnt really up to date anymore
  7. Its weekend ^^

    1. kultrex


      Liar...Nvm, i forgot its Friday:rolleyes:

  8. PrezMedia™

    Cant login to TMP Client

    Fixed some one helped me already
  9. Are there more people that cant login to the client ?

    1. BlackEagleTMP


      You can always submit a post in "Help" section.

  10. PrezMedia™

    Cant login to TMP Client

    Hello I cant login to the TMP Client Says password or email is incorrect Changed my Password to try still not working Reinstalled THe client still not working It works fine to login on the main website and the forum https://imgur.com/a/J8kHLSn
  11. DLC is live lets play:D


  12. Why do people complain that Update tmp is to slow and they want a official MP Be happy that there is a MP and that people make it possible for us to play online!


    1. LeaveItOnX


      bruh delet this sh

  13. SCS Broke MP again