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  1. Keolis


    I think it can be closed? Since the website is complete empty @TruCkDr1V3r
  2. Keolis


    Veel succes met je vtc
  3. Keolis

    Game Community + vtc

  4. Keolis has been released.

    Cant see the lights that people put on there grill?
  5. Keolis has been released.

    Thanks for the update couple of things to fix but atleast we can drive ^^
  6. Keolis has been released.

    I get blackscreen? When i press enter inside my garage and leave it
  7. Mod Version: AlphAControllers Used: g29Description of Issue: when you accept a world of trucks contract online you lose your trailer directly and get spawned to your garage How to reproduce: No ideaScreenshots / Videos: None
  8. Keolis


    Nice to see the project coming back
  9. Keolis

    Banned still no reaction

    Gewoon wachten op een reactie Admins hebben genoeg zaken om af tehandelen Gemiddeld duur het denk wel een dag of 2 a 3
  10. Keolis

    Cars for ATSMP?

    just remove the car update
  11. Keolis

    BE truck

    Ja gebruik sunrise
  12. Keolis has been released.

    That was fast Goodjob
  13. Keolis has been released.

    I wait for the MP update
  14. u hax0red your internet score :P


    1. Spongebloke
    2. Keolis


      go to www.tweak.nl