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  1. Thank you for taking the time and adding a nice guide.
  2. It was edited by me. This is the original graphic quality. If you can not see the photos you can access from here. https://prnt.sc/kg2hcj https://prnt.sc/kg2hg5
  3. I use the highest engine I can use and I prefer to carry the heaviest load. tuning does not need much exaggeration is,simple it is always good.
  4. Enlarge the garages or make sure you buy all the garages.
  5. To find out exactly how you are having problems,submit evidence photo,video,link etc.
  6. Hey mate congratulations.:kappa:

    I wish your success to continue.:wub:

  7. In evidence,sorry mate,It's obvious you use the trick,Because if you do not cheat, you will stop when you hit them. In this case you should not try to justify yourself.
  8. about what is happening idk
  9. very nice ,but i would like i hope, will development in game physics. in the coming year.
  10. Thank you for sharing is better i hope,comes in more and more beautiful things.
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