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  1. Rate the song above you [V2]

    8/10 (not my style)
  2. Historical stuff ^_^ Who where you with? I was with Oxy and he just destroyed Dizaster



    1. [TSRVTC-CC] ismail [TR]

      [TSRVTC-CC] ismail [TR]

      Pf..., Go sleep dudeee!! :D 

  3. Death of CINTHIA R.I.P

    It's very sad to hear about it, I hope we was good person and now he is glad to see that you all remember him and make convoy for him Rest in peace
  4. Good night TruckersMP ;) 

  5. Anyone know good recording programs?

    but it has lots of bugs :/
  6. Talking about your country

    Name of my country: Georgia Official language: Georgian Capital: Tbilisi
  7. Good night TruckersMP :) 

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      აბა ხვალამდე

    3. =G=.


      საღამო მშვიდობისა და ეს უკვე ტრადიციად გექცა ყოველ ღამე დაპოსტვა? :D 

    4. [GeoTC] M3G4ROX

      [GeoTC] M3G4ROX

      ^ როგორც ხედავ კი :D 

  8. What recording software do you use.

    I use ShadowPlay but last time, after lots of GeForce updates it became worst, sometimes its crashing my game when i start to record. Mirrilis Action is the best with optimization but its very expensive for me and im too lazy to find new serial key every week.