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  1. That is the first event where I see such kind of activities and looks like it's going to be an interesting event
  2. I always was too lazy to download it and try out but once I saw these pictures and what features this overlay has, I think I need to definitely try it out! Hope it won't conflict with the ReShade.
  3. ProMods map is just amazing 😍


    Btw, there is a DLC giveaway here 👀


  4. Happy Birthday TruckersFM One of the most amazing events I've attended last time
  5. When it comes to the deliveries, I prefer taking long distance job offers as I prefer deliver one job and long one than ten jobs and short ones. When I say long distance delivery, I mean somewhere between 1k-3k kms. About routes, since I enjoy delivering long distance cargos, I choose top city in Scandinavian DLC area or in Beyond the Baltic Sea and then start looking for a job down to Italy DLC as that is the longest delivery distance it's possible to get right now. I'm not a person who loves making deliveries and I do not have much time for that but there are some things that motivate me to do so, for example, my friends who call me for a drive or my VTC, as we have Ranking System and these deliveries can boost rank as well, so there is some competitive between the drivers and that's great.
  6. TruckersFM 4 Years Anniversary


    I would like to congratulate once again whole TruckersFM team with their 4th Anniversary 🥳

    That was a really nice event and it would not be as good as it was without all the community members who were involted 😍








    1. Shadow_free


      Another 100 do these days, congratulations to all 🏆

    2. IceRaged [NO]

      IceRaged [NO]

      great photos blackskill :D 

    3. YusuFuuR


      Perfect a convoy mate :)

  7. Hello @jempitje, I have read and understood what you mean but now imagine such a situation, for example, I'm an active player from Russia who does not know English and I am talking in Russian on Discord or somewhere else with my friends while driving, then someone arrives and starts trolling, ramming and similar stuff, of course we will start saying that there is someone trolling and watch out in our native language and since I'm recording you'll hear my voice and voice of those, who are talking with me at that moment. As most of players, I will cut off that moment from my video and make a report on the TruckersMP website but now there is a question, why do I have to speak English in my video or why do I have to add subtitles? To let the reported player understand what were we talking about? Well, that would be waste of time for me to add subtitles to each video, especially if I do not know English and I just want to report the player and continue enjoying this game. I think the Game Moderation team is trained well to understand if someone is insulting or bullying in the video even if they do not understand that language well but now there is another question, why do you even care what the video author is talking about with his friends? In my honest opinion, you need to think more about your behavior and the ban reason instead of thinking what the video author said in his video Sincerely, BL4CK$K1LL Report Moderator
  8. Hello @Small_Naofu, First of all, thank you for creating a topic in the Help section. I have checked the picture provided by you and I can confirm that Michelin dolls are fully allowed to be placed there and the truck seems to be legal. Kind Regards, BL4CK$K1LL Report Moderator
  9. I have never tried ProMods before but I've seen many videos and pictures and from what I saw, that's just amazing. Looking forward to see convoys and events being planned and hosted on new, fresh roads now
  10. Prime Logistics 1 Year Anniversary


    On the behalf of Pries Logistics management, I would like to congratulate Prime Logistics once again with the 1 Year Anniversary 🎉

    Also, I'd like to thank PrimeVTC and the whole Staff Team who made today's event so amazing! :love:

    We are looking forward to join the next public event hosted by PrimeVTC at the end of this year 😎



    (Picture is taken by @issam0707)

  11. American Truck Simulator Update 1.36 Open Beta


    SCS Software just posted a blog about the 1.36 Open Beta Update for ATS.
    A big focus of the update is on DirectX 11 (11.1 to be exact). They have decided to drop support for DirectX 9 for the sake of faster and easier development. So from Update 1.36 onwards, ATS/ETS2 won't be compatible with systems running on DirectX 9.


    For more information press HERE


    1. Enzo Daniello

      Enzo Daniello

      Finally DirectX 11...

      thanks for the news black ❤️

    2. SkortiL [TR]

      SkortiL [TR]

      Thanks for info kirvem.

    3. jimmy mack

      jimmy mack

      at last  thanks for the update 

  12. Здравствуйте @47_region_SPb, Чтобы в документах появилась папка профиля, надо отключить "Steam Cloud" (Облако Steam). Далее, профиль появиться в папке "steam_profiles". С уважением, BL4CK$K1LL Модератор Репортов
  13. As I see, you're Patron, so you should already have the coloured nametag in-game. To turn it off/on, you need to type /tg command in chat.
  14. 2401620531a2c09549458b739fae84d2d0efe465




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    2. Minionarmee


      Nice photo 😉

    3. [RLC] LetiFreshi

      [RLC] LetiFreshi

      Looks amazing 😯😍

    4. Dogey


      looks like next-gen graphic mod 😍😍

  15. Hey @Jarmo_Tossavainen, For the past few years, TruckersMP was releasing the WinterMod at the end of the year, somewhere between the end of December and the start of January but we never know the exact date and even the fact if TruckersMP will support that mod this year as well, so the only thing we can do is waiting patiently for the announcements. Also, make sure to keep your eye on TruckersMP Social Media as most of news are posted there Kind Regards, BL4CK$K1LL Report Moderator
  16. Greetings @Dogey, Servers which have [US] in their name mean that the servers are located in North America and people who live in that area can have a better ping and less lags. Sincerely, BL4CK$K1LL Report Moderator
  17. Hey @Dogey, You can visit your TruckersMP profile and check "Joined" date like it's shown on this screenshot - http://prntscr.com/pf6pik Kind Regards, BL4CK$K1LL Report Moderator
  18. 2438827552b8162249b02cd778c35205336bc14e

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    2. [PL]Winged Hussar[SK]

      [PL]Winged Hussar[SK]

      Wait ! Thats SH13LD in his Volvo. :D

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Woah :wow: fantastic photo :wub:🥰

    4. SebastianZ


      Picture of the Month is here! Go submit it :P

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