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  1. Dear @JJay enough for his help. thank you very much for the team.
  2. hello TMP team, I asked for help from the TMP team, because of my negligence to change the display name in my TMP account, with my email, I want to change it back as soon as possible. because that's my personal email. thanks. best regard.
  3. @King^ thanksfor ur answer very helpul @MarkON thanks guys ..
  4. Hello everyone, I want to ask about being banned, I was banned the last time 1 year ago, if I get banned again, do I continue from the last history banned or return the first banned rule. sorry my english is bad . thanks
  5. ms problem, I think there is no problem, because previously play in eu smoothly only. and on ATS EU server was smooth. thanks for the response, I hope to play on the server without any constraints.
  6. HELLO ADMIN, I am a player from indonesia, here i want to ask about server issues in EU2 & EU3, Why Some players from asia always get hit by HIGH PING in that server, our connection problem flavor is smooth and stable, but always kicked from that server. while playing on the US server is no problem. here I use the famous provider in indonesia. so that the admin or the game server can be repaired as before. hopefully can help the issue. thanks.
  7. Please Open Server Asia .. if i Use Server europe very very Bad Ping .. i need playing Other Player . thanks before
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