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  1. I know one, i do it all the time i dont know if i am the first that discovered this but check it out 1. log in ETS or ATS MP 2. select profile with problem 3. delete all saves and make one new 4. go out of the game and find C:\Users\ \Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American.... 5.cut and paste "save" from "profiles" to desktop 6.go again on ETS or ATS MP, log in profile with problem (don't create new one profile) and you will see like starting a new account, choose your garage's city, etc , then wait loading and log off (dont finish job or buy) 7.go to "profiles" then delete the new "save", cut and paste your old "save" from desktop 8.log in ETS or ATS MP and sleep, if that doesnt work take a job and cancel Remember dont use MP and SP in same profile
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