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  1. Girteka on the Top 100 list of the most innovative companies in Europe

    Girteka Logística, for its achievements in digital innovation this year. In 2018, two countries in the Baltic States are on the list of innovators in the Top 100 Europe. Four companies from Estonia were mentioned in the people who drive, new technologies and business models and categories of technological training. Girteka Logística, founded in Lithuania in 1996, was classified in the category of corporate digital transformations.

    At the end of March, "Girteka Logística", with a fleet of 5,600 trucks, installs the "Transics" fleet management system. Since then, all trucks and trailers have integrated devices with this innovative software that sends and receives all real-time data corresponding to managers and customers. This system also has applications for mobile phones, so communication with the company is available even when the driver is out of the truck.

    WABCO's innovative digital transport package management system helps logistics companies improve fleet efficiency and customer service. "This is a breakthrough innovation. Improved communication of the Transics (FMS) system with our drivers as well as our customer service."

    We are proud to be ranked by the Financial Times as one of the most innovative companies in Europe. The conquest that belongs to the whole country of Lithuania, leads us to move forward and continuously improve the efficiency of operational processes, "says Donatas Načajus, Director of Transportation Girteka Logística.

    The Lithuanian company "Girteka Logística" is mentioned among these worldwide names known as "Siemens", "Vodafone Global Enterprise" and "Booking.com". The British Business and Economy Portal "Financial Times" is read by an audience of approximately 2.2 million people per day.

    Girteka Logística is the largest FTL carrier in Europe. The fleet consists of trailers, less than 2 years old, and large and comfortable tractors of the brands "Volvo", "Mercedes-Benz" and "DAF". The company currently employs more than 11,000 drivers.

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