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  1. 130 radars destroyed in two weeks

    There are more than 600 radars out of service, 130 of which have been destroyed in recent weeks. All because the French accuse them of being mounted in non-dangerous zones and only to "hunt" fines.

    Almost 4 million euros in radars have been destroyed in the last 15 days as a protest

    The French drivers' protest against the government, which initially focused on increasing fossil fuel prices, especially gasoline and diesel fuel, has rapidly widened to speeding vehicles. The so-called demonstrations of the yellow vests are responsible for the destruction, by fire or blow, of 130 speed control equipment only in the last 15 days, bringing to 600 the number of units that are out of service, many of them unrecoverable.

    The calls for the "neutralization" of the radars, and consequent attributions of fines, were launched through social networks, aiming to "prevent the State from collecting revenues in this way", which has led in recent months more than 600 of these equipment were placed outside of service, according to radars-auto.com, mostly through the fire.

    The radar attack worsened in recent days, when 130 more radars were destroyed, of which 102 were fixed type, with an estimated value of € 21,000, 13 were selective (€ 46,000), others were autonomous (€ 64,000), plus four sophisticated mid-speed radars, which determine the speed of all vehicles on a particular section, with a unit value of € 150,000. In total, more than 3.7 million euros of publicly owned equipment, paid by taxpayers, will be replaced with cost duplication.

    Attacks such as these are punishable by heavy penalties to the prevaricators, who risk payment of € 3,750 and a couple of days of community work if they are caught plotting a radar, punishment that triggers to € 30,000 and two years in prison if the destruction is more severe .

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