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  1. 生日快乐!!!!🎂

    1. [Chenxi/COO]*Sange



  2. Thank you all for great Welcome!😀

    1. TimeTimes


      Nice to have you back again:HaulieLove:

    2. 3749771
  3. 芜湖,起飞!

    1. Lucas._


      谢谢大佬! 🚔

  4. 恭喜,支持大大以后要多多帮助我哦?

  5. Happy Birthday ,sir??

  6. 热烈祝贺,欢迎加入团队?

    1. [Chenxi/COO]*Sange



  7. Happy birthday ,sir?

  8. Thank you for your follow

  9. 生日快乐,雷霆大队长?

    1. China-leitinG
    2. SniperBerke


      Soul Knight please reply me 

  10. Happy birthday Mate?

  11. Happy birthday mate?

  12. Congratulations on winning the Summer Racing Championship ? Well done.

  13. Happy Birthday,bro?

  14. Happy birthday ?

  15. Happy birthday,London?

  16. Hi all,?


    Today is TruckersMP 6th Anniversary.Firstly,i want to say a ''Thanks'' to the TruckersMP Team  and those who contributed to this wonderful project.And it's my honour to join the team. Thanks to those who helped me when i have troubles.?You're all amazing.I am proud of being a member of this best community.


    Thank you all again.Hope we can celebrate the 7th/8th.....  Anniversary together.?


    Don't forget these wonderful events organized by official TruckersMP Team:



    See you on the road!??????


    Best Regards,

    Soul Knight

    TruckersMP Game Moderator

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Happy 6th Anniversary! 



      Happy 6th Anniversary! 

    3. *ACC* 007 FanTian

      *ACC* 007 FanTian

      Happy 6th Anniversary! :tmp:

  17. Happy Birthday,mate?

    1. Hogger_Fabi


      Hey mate, Thank you verry much?

  18. Happy Birthday,bro?

  19. 生日快乐?

    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      谢谢yin yin,me me pa!!?

  20. 生日快乐?

    1. Alon_TMP


      兄弟谢谢你,感谢你的关注 ❤️

  21. Have a nice day,?

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Thank you, likewise ?

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