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  1. The default music is it possible to turn it down or off? If I mute ats will it mute the people talking on the mics too? I run it through headphones and can't hear people talk when music is in my ears from the game
  2. i reset my game and downgraded windows and it workd
  3. ok 2nd time writing this lol.. Hello guys, today I come with a little problem im having here with mp.. Windows upgraded to 8.1 game was working fine other day there, I downloaded sp mode and it worked, I downloaded mp mode and now it wont even appear little cursor spins as if its looking then stops, but then a little box appears out of no where and it says cant validate game this is what it does yep nothing ive tried running as admin, ive tried re installing. now if it says cant validate game which I didn't get a pic off unless it pops up while writing this.. whats went wrong?
  4. what mods currently work on the mp version?
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