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  1. I only flash lights/honk horn when someone is overtaking and I'm letting them in or if i'm letting them out of a junction
  2. I've not seen it, is there something more special about Corsica than any other city???
  3. I don't really know what you mean, but as soon as the red light goes on, I stop, don't want to risk the invisible barrier damaging me, and I always wait until the yellow light, when it's safe to go and the invisible barrier disappears
  4. As long as you follow the rules you should be fine, if you're that concerned, just record your session and report on the TruckersMP website
  5. Now just imagine this road in ETS2MP and it being as popular as Calais-Duisburg
  6. I'm from the UK, but I still drive with steering wheel on the left in the cab, but with G27, I have the shifter on the left... don't ask
  7. I like a challenge, so doubles are my favourite, if I could have more I would I've been trying to find a mod for ages to have the ATS heavy cargo trailers for ETS2 SP
  8. I don't really communicate much in-game, but when I do it is old-school typing, and if playing with friends, through Discord voice
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