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  1. Horizon

    Steam Virus - Warning

    Thank you all for the support. My account is recovered!
  2. Horizon

    Steam Virus - Warning

    Thank you very much for understanding. I hope to recover my account soon! @Haulvoc
  3. Horizon

    Steam Virus - Warning

    Good night. I did not click on the link sent to me. Unfortunately I was on my cell phone and the link opened alone, there was no time to do anything else. I recommend to friends who want to delete me from the friends list while I do not recover my account, feel free! As soon as I recover my account, I will add my friends again. Thanks to all for your understanding! Have a nice week for all.
  4. [BR] Boa noite. Pessoal, mais cedo recebi uma mensagem do amigo @Asatelon, e como estava pelo celular, já foi abrindo o link automaticamente. Por favor, não clicam em link algum que enviarem para vocês, principalmente eu! Não tenho acesso a minha conta, ela foi hackeada.


    [EN] Good night. Personally, the sooner I received a message from the friend @Asatelon, and since it was on my cell phone, it was already automatically opening the link. Please do not click on any link they send to you, especially me! I do not have access to my account, it has been hacked.

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      Good Afternoon ;) 

  5. Welcome back brother!! ;)

  6. Congrats brother, you really deserve it !! ;)

  7. Congrats, brother. Good luck! ;)

  8. Welcome back, brother! ;)

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    2. RequieB


      Thank you guys <3

  9. Congrats, brother! ;)

  10. Congrats, brother! ;)

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      Thank you a lot! <3

  11. Parabéns pela conquista LUIG. Boa sorte em sua nova jornada! ;)

  12. Horizon

    Restriction of Local save editing

    The DAF is one of the best trucks in my opinion. The only problem is that my friends walk from Scania or Volvo... So for me not to be behind I put my DAF 750 HP.
  13. Horizon

    Restriction of Local save editing

    Thank you very much for information. I ride in DAF with 750 HP