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  1. KeikoDeer

    Unable to Open Launcher

    Just did it and it launched perfectly! Thanks for the help!
  2. KeikoDeer

    Unable to Open Launcher

    I decided to start playing this mod again, after taking a quite long hiatus from ETS2 altogether. I tried opening it yesterday and every time I did, I got an error saying I needed to update, maybe to a beta? I don't know, but I tried it again this morning and now I'm greeted by a new error message, this time I can't even open the launcher. I've tried redownloading the mod and restarting PC but to no avail. Any ideas? IMAGE
  3. KeikoDeer

    What do you use to record gameplay?

    On my setup, I usually use OBS, but in the rare case, I use shadowplay as I don't get any frame drops or spikes during use
  4. It's been a few months since I've been active here. I'm gonna start using it again, since I am now the new Head of Road Link Events (RLE)! Be sure to check here regularly for new content and mods!

  5. Merry christmas everyone!


    1. izm07


      Merry christmas mate! ^_^

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  6. You're still awake, go to sleep xD


    Mate, you've got school tomorrow xD

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    2. KeikoDeer


      I wonder why? xD I can't promote my youtube channel now D:

    3. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      Just go to the teacher's computer. Those always have Youtube enabled

    4. KeikoDeer


      Funnily enough it does ;-;


  7. I think I'm in love with this truck :D


    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      Screw the truck what about that Airbus!

    2. izm07


      As i said: I am a simple man. I see Scania, i buy it. :truestory:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Very nice truck :) pulling a plane tho :o:o:o:o

  8. thanks for the follow <3 

    1. KeikoDeer


      No problem ^^


  9. I would apply for the translation team, but I speak a language nobody speaks here xD This is what I get for being Irish xD 


    Ní maith liom ag leamh as bearlá, is breá liom ag leamh as gaeilge xD

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    2. [viva] sparky2k1292

      [viva] sparky2k1292

      don't most people that speak Irish also speak English anyway? Sorry for my ignorance if im talking rubbish just a genuine question :)

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I can't speak Irish :mellow: Ya English is the main language in Ireland and everyone can speak it but we all have to learn Irish in school and road signs etc are in Irish and English, I was never good at Irish in school :P Most of my friends and family can't really speak Irish, none of my friends or me have used Irish since leaving school :mellow:

    4. [viva] sparky2k1292

      [viva] sparky2k1292

      Yeh I get that, being Scottish we have gaelic and it's the same here. However there are people further up north who only speak gaelic. 

  10. KeikoDeer


    I'll have a mess around with thse and see what hapens, running it in OpenGL could be all it needs to fix it. I can't chat on discord right now, as I'm not necessarily at home right now, but I'll make sure to get back to you if I need any more help Thanks for the links too
  11. KeikoDeer


    Nope, it only occurs when I pass a new scania with a flag on it . I always play with DX on 64bit, could that be the issue?
  12. KeikoDeer


    Hey, I've got an issue with TMP. I keep getting this screen-glitching whenever I pass a new scania with a flag on it. Any ideas? Here is a picture of it too, happened with a friend.
  13. It's my birthday today! Woo! Waited all year for it and now it finally has arrived! From today onwards I can now legally drive! I just have to do a driving test first xD