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  1. Started to get back into modding and uh.... I think I let my furry side out :lol::wub:



    1. QF_Giulia


      Looks nice! Keep up the work! :) 

    2. Averazon


      Kinda creepy if you see 2 furries lurking around behind you in the cabin :D

  2. Going to a car meet up in Dublin! :P



  3. No caption needed <3



  4. I guess you could call this my business card! :D





  5. Haven't driven a DAF in a long time, so I made myself a nice one! :wub:



  6. Via @KeesBakkerNV on (not actually) Twitter: Kees Bakker NV just purchased its new fleet of DAF XF105 Heavy Haul trucks, which, alongside our older Scania R730 8X4's will be used for the haulage of heavy and special cargoes. Thanks to MaskedFerret (AKA DuskieBun) for the photos! Seen here leaving the dealership in Eindhoven, bound for Rotterdam for its first load!
  7. It all depends on what you are using for controls. Yes, you're partly correct, the physics engine isn't made for cars to be used on it, but it mostly relies on the handling of the driver. If you use a keyboard, don't "hold" the key. Use sort adjusting taps to turn, also, don't turn at fast speeds, that never ends well! If you're using a controller, turn the joystick slowly, and keep the speed down! You can also mess with the steering sensitivity and the linearity to try and get a slower turn speed For wheels, all I can recommend is keep it slow and steady, if you use a 900°+ wheel, you really shouldn't have a single issue with it, but if you use less than 900°, mess around with the sensitivity and the linearity of the actual input! Hope this helps out! ^^
  8. I'm thinking on making a lengthy video on how to take decent pictures and make good videos in ETS2/ATS. It's probably going to be maybe 30+ minutes long, but would anyone be interested in this?

    1. Averazon


      I'd like to see such a video! Maybe a good thing would be to make  a 10min video and make an additional video for people to watch if they want to learn more? 30mins is long for people to watch videos haha ;)

    2. DuskieBun


      Yeah I was thinking that! I may just split the whole video up and cover different techniques and such, make a little series out of it!

  9. There could be an issue with your core TMP files. Have you tried doing a clean install of TMP?
  10. Trip Report: 1 Date: 21/6/19 Route: Amsterdam - Eindhoven Goods: Pastries and other tasty foods! (Yum!) I was called in by a wholesaler at the last minute. The needed a batch of delicious goods, such as pastries, bread, cakes and (most importantly!) Stroopwafels to be delivered to a Jumbo, in a small, quaint residential area, just outside the centre of Eindhoven. Along the way I took the opportunity to take some photos of my new beauty, a Scania T730 6-Series. Decked out with plenty of lights, my two favorite flags and some Michelin Men to top it all off! I arrived with plenty of time to spare, and even got to take home a few small boxes of Stroopwafels for free! I really gotta thank the manager, Jens Van Sijde, for that one! Attached Photos:
  11. Two more before I get some sleep for the night!
  12. Just another day <3



  13. I'VE FINALLY GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! And what better way to celebrate than to get back into the media scene here on TuckersMP! I used to work with the likes of Motion Media and Virtual Videography, working on projects for various events and VTC's, but I decided to leave and take a break to focus on my studies! I've now graduated and finished all my exams, meaning for the next few months I have a lot of time to dedicate to my new YouTube channel, and a few other "projects" (More on that soon, I'm definitely not planning on making a radio or anything ;3). But, lets focus on this portfolio. I want this to be a place where I can showcase all my work for those around my who like what I make, and what better way to do so than to make my own album here! I really hope you guys enjoy it! BELOW ARE SOME EXAMPLES AS TO WHAT TO EXPECT: ALL ENTRIES INTO THIS THREAD IS IN A ROLEPLAY STYLE.
  14. After a very, VERY long time, I've decided to reappear here. Life has been pretty hectic since I've last been here, and honestly, I haven't had much time to play ETS2/ATS, but I'm once again back here, roaming the long roads in my wonderful Scania!


    Hope to see you guys around!

    1. en_field


      Welcome back then! ;)

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
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