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  1. Congrats !! :<)

    1. BubbleMuscles


      Congratulations for your new rank:D

  2. I realize there has been a lot of changes made in & to TMP recently. If one steps back for a moment & takes an over all look at what is being implemented, TMP will be even better as a Team & the trucking will be on a level playing field where it should be. Follow the rules although NEW make sure you follow them & there should be no problems. This also goes for trolls as well, soon enough there time will and does come to an end. :<)

  3. My friend Kat, thanks for the apology but it is not needed. ALL the time, aggravation, no sleep, and devotion that you go thru constantly along with others on the Team is VERY much appreciated!!!! At least by me & I know several others that feel the same way. Like you said trial & error, not EVERY roll out is going to be perfect (at first) & that should be understood by anyone that has ever owned a computer & had load issues. My internet actually sux, but I still was able to process the update. But I also had the forethought to get in early!! I was # 5 on the server, 3 hours before the Express was to depart. I already knew there were going to be issues especially with this large of an Event. I do know others that notified me they had very slow process in the update, but that was because they waited until the last minute or later when the servers were popping like popcorn. Lol Don't worry about it, the Snow Mod is absolutely amazing except for the headlight 10 Second rule, which by the way has carried over to ATS as well but I assume that is for the future update. I also realize this is from 10gbps as a rule & not completely in your control. Thank you for taking the time to educate those unaware so that they may somehow understand just what you ALL go thru & the sleepless nights that you ALL devote to TMP as a whole. There will be those who still do not understand and think that the internet is suppose to work perfectly at all times, but at one time people thought the world was FLAT & it was hard to get them to wrap there head around the fact that it's round. So don't worry, we are here backing you bro. And for the ATS issues that people keep complaining about, I know will come around soon as well. Great job & again you works are not unappreciated by no means !! :<)
  4. ATSTMP Convoy Event was a lot of fun despite system crashes, glitches & the abundance of the ignorrance of driver's. Thank you for providing the Event & would like to see more Events like this in the future, perhaps once a month if possible. Thank you & ALL the staff for pitching in. Sincerely, Hustler #1

  5. I just ran across a post that was made by InnerCore15, I own the Company in question & I told him NOT to VERBALLY abuse his brother of which I have been a witness to for the past 8 months because of his ignorrance. Our Company was NOT breaking any rules by being at the Tuscon Race track & showed him the TruckersMP Laws. I know he was upset because he was fired & probably venting. I nor ANY member of W.F.O. Trucking is stalking him. Odd that he changed his user tag and then was by our side at the Tuscon Track just a day later while his InnerCore15 tag was under ban if we were breaking TMP rules. But Sysgen knows me as well as other Admin's, so I am pretty sure that if TMP rules had been broken one or more Admin's that are hard at work would have brought this problem to my attention pretty darn quick. They have never hessitated to contact me on other issues before. Lol But now that you are available also, brings me yet another aveneue to report ACTUAL wrong doing with proof as have in the past. Sincerely, Hustler #1^_^

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    2. Hustler #1

      Hustler #1


      This was the original post, maybe I made the mistake and you moved it off topic I am not sure. But the fact remains that I have known his little brother for almost a year & he told me where he lives & is still part of my Company & I never said I knew there IP address I am not sure where the IP thing started, but I am not going to listen to him Verbally & Mentally abuse his little brother over the CB and not reprot it to the authorities. Don't worry about it, he is just a teenager with an attitude because he got banned for a few days after I fired him for improper avitar. You can check his profile & see it all if you would like. Sorry to have bothered you with this ignorrance.

    3. Noxii


      Dude still what are you even on about? Why did you post this on my profile as I have nothing to do with that.

    4. Hustler #1

      Hustler #1

      I am sorry please remove & disregard.


  6. Only in Nevada in ATS & ETS2 Scandinavia if I'm not mistaking.
  7. Progress is actually slower than one might think when quality is a expectation.
  8. The main thing is don't get excited, be patient & good things WILL happen.
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