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  1. 删除该文件让它自动生成一个试试!
  2. 这是联机插件线上BUG.线下没问题.只能等待联机插件修复BUG.目前只能用修车代码应对修复车辆.输入Y出来聊天对话框后在输入/fix然后回车修复.用修复代码修车前提是必须带着你的挂车.单个车头无法使用修复车辆!...
  3. 你这个是文件错误.要把ETS2MP目录删除试试!
  4. 什么帐号登录什么地方.不要搞错哦!祝你玩得愉快!....
  5. 联机线上只要只用F7回修理厂就出现BUG.提示F1等其他问题.卡屏不动.线下测试没问题.只要在TruckersMP上运行游戏按F7就BUG.然后按任何按键无效.只能强制退出游戏重新上线.请求修复更新!谢谢.... On line as long as you only use F7 back to the repair shop, there will be bug. Prompt F1 and other problems. The card screen will not move. Offline test is OK. As long as you run the game on truckers MP, press F7 to bug. Then press any key is invalid. You can only force to exit the game and go online again. Please repair and update! Thank you....
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