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      Game versions updated - It's time to downgrade!   08/16/17

      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!


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  1. no-collision for Rotterdam,Brussels.

    ---------------------- Reasons ---------------- so last night around 5PM aest i drive in Rotterdam and with so many Trucks and car there it impossible not accidenlty hit someone so i head to Brussel hopping it be bit better but i was wrong it wrose it had over 90 people in it and from that crazy ammount of lag i not able leave the repair store it that bad or i would've hit people and chance i got out of there i flip in ground by some person who thought it great idea to push my car over it glitch In ground fine. I on highway then as i following truck a pilot car out no were hit a truck "Flip it" over on highway and i staying there to make sure everything okay and on pull over side and then came back went right in front of me then beep horn i can't remeber ID or username but that really anooying and i recommand also for safety of others in city like France Ports (Major) calls i don't know how spell it but that can please add that because i have guest that it be full of people basically what ask for is Major City get no Collision so it safer because they lag and full of car crashes etc, ---------- PICS ---------------- i don't have any pics sadly
  2. I Think I have an online stalker.

    ^ he is 100% right Great Jon you really made a great replay All great way tell what happened thank all of you
  3. I Think I have an online stalker.

    1 ) IP address is very hard to leak 2 ) if IP did get some how leaked it prob say that it a crazy amount of KM away 3 ) as guy also said VPN if really that scared use a VPN 4 ) Police only get IP in "Rare" problems when someone is done a crime and must also be prove
  4. Got Us a website!