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  1. luky95cz

    fall game

    Have you read my last post? If so, why are you sending a link to a different problem than I have? Thank you
  2. luky95cz

    fall game

    Solution one I did and nothing and solution 2 is not my problem the game we don't freeze what we do is needed later and I normally drive when we load it so I don't use atl tab what we do is when I'm sitting in a truck and when I'm going to throw I will throw the order on the surface and return and it will fall
  3. luky95cz

    fall game

    No no problem is still and not fixed yet
  4. luky95cz

    fall game

    I did it and it didn't help
  5. luky95cz

    fall game

    hi when i play euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer and when i crawl on the desktop alt + tab and then i return the game crashes and i have to turn it on again do you know anyone what? Thank you
  6. title of the proposal: create your own server only for Czech and Slovak community Description of the proposal: Created by the server, where you could go mostly just people from the State of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. I would like to eliminate this step a player who corrupts the running servers that currently are done. and if it was possible to do and the Admins own who speak Czech or Slovak. It is my clear that it won't be easy, but I tried it for a couple of months for the exam and saw would go if it's a good idea or not. If someone thought o
  7. Ahoj napadl mě nápad neslo by udělat cz servr na multiplayer ? nebo československý ? kam by sli jen česi a slovací ? bylo by to lepší a snad by tam nebylo tolik havárek a bouraček . děkuji za odpověd
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