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  1. Good to see that TruckersMP is still going strong :)

  2. If anyone purchased the Humble Bundle bundle that includes ATS for $10, there were few more games added to the bundle that you can redeem. Games added are Marooners and Caveblazers.

    1. Fenrir Wolfsbane
    2. denysterminator55555


      Що за фыгня на сайтах






  3. New Humble Bundle bundle came out just now. It includes bunch of games, including American Truck Simulator if you pay $10 (£7.74) :)

  4. Any interesting podcast recommendations?

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    2. gwait


      Not sure why my reaction to the posts didn't register but thanks for the recommendations.

    3. Guest


      no problem:)

  5. Thanks for another opportunity to be an administrator after a long time :) Best of luck to all staff members, hopefully I didn't annoy you too much with my PMs about reports :D 

  6. Looks like Discord broke! :rolleyes:

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    2. Smalley


      Discord is broken all together. 

    3. gwait


      Looks like we're back!

    4. DerAmpelmann


      Back to spamming pictures :lol:

  7. Congratulations TruckersMP :lol: too bad there's no "party" emoticon :rolleyes:

    1. [RO] RDL BMVGAmer

      [RO] RDL BMVGAmer

      Sorry, Congratulations for what? :lol:


    2. gwait


      1,500,000 registered accounts.

  8. Just about 400 new members to reach 1,500,000 total :rolleyes:

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    2. gwait


      pretty much about 500K players since last year :) The 1 million members thread was created on June 29th, 2016.

    3. tfmpillow


      It's amazing to see how fast this community is growing! I hope we'll reach 2 million even faster!

    4. C?nnell
  9. Common problems thread has now been updated with 4 new problems & 4 new questions. If anyone spots any issues or can contribute with any unwritten solutions then you can contact me via PM :) 

  10. A bit unrelated to ETS2 but there is this great channel that covers what happened in World War 1 week by week. Pretty interesting stuff! 


    (Search up 'The Great War' on YT)

  11. There is a sweet deal on bundlestars where you can get 46 Steam games for $1 if anyone is interested :)

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    2. gwait
    3. Aestrial


      Nice, thanks for the link mate.

    4. gwait


      Just a note that the purchase might take a while to process if you do decide to buy it. Mine took over an hour until it was confirmed. I suppose that could be due to the load on the server.


  12. Looks like ETS2 main servers still have more than ATS servers. And EU #2 has more than #1 :o

    1. trabantem


      Because EU2 got no speed limiter :P .

    2. gwait


      That's true, perhaps if this continue and people decline, would it mean that more people are in favour of speed limiter being removed? :)

  13. To defuse any tension in the status updates, it's possible to get 'Absconding Zatwor' for free on Steam, just go to https://www.indiegala.com/grabthegames , scroll down where it says "Steam Giveaway" and enter your e-mail address.

  14. Gender: Not Telling, haha. Definitely a woman.

  15. Unity of Command (Steam): GEJJZ-IZAKW-MWXGM

  16. Hopefully you are enjoying these games. Here's one more, Worms: M0GFQ-X84C0-WYZ2Z

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    2. gwait


      Update: Frozen Synapse Prime has been sent. Only two copies of Particula are left to claim.

    3. gwait


      Update 2: A copy of Particula has been sent. One copy of Particula left to claim.

    4. gwait


      Final update: All gifts have been sent.

  17. Final three games. Out of respect, only take one for yourself. Street Racing Syndicate: FCCYL-KLKII-3Y8V3 // Imperial Glory: JEKYT-4ZH6X-B3KQQ // Banhammer: JJECF-5MZTY-GB8HM // Toro: JFE9Z-Q5ZJ4-IL0HF enjoy (whoever gets the keys)

  18. Praetorians: K8PNH-NGBD5-93TRD // What's under your blanket !?: FLB6Z-IR9BQ-Y07X3 // Yasai Ninja: KD30Q-V7WHL-8A67G // Alien Shooter: KATDD-9FCZL-XHJ84

    1. gwait


      All steam keys.

  19. Dino D-Day Steam key: GVDCN-70AXG-ATN24

  20. gwait

    How do you set "Last Active" to Private? I see it on some profiles.

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    2. gwait


      Hmm, that's weird because I've seen some profiles that have that set, an example of a profile would be 'xxmxrcxx'. I vaguely remember seeing this option to hide online status before but perhaps it was later removed. But then again, his profile was created in December, so it isn't that long.

    3. gwait


      Has it been figured out, J_M?

    4. gwait


      Nevermind. I figured it out.

  21. By the way, the old forum link doesn't seem to work any more and you have a link to your old profile on your current forum profile.

  22. Have you finally been unbanned?

  23. Suldok wishes you Merry Christmas & Happy upcoming New Year!

    1. konfig0


      You too Suldok!

      Hope you had/have a happy year and Christmas!

    2. ArcticBliss


      Thank you and the same to you and yours. :)

    3. old_Trucker


      Thanks and same for you !

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