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  1. +1 There should be a mph and kph toggle for all cars regardless of right or left hand drive. For those of us from the United States that don't use the metric system because we like to make our lives difficult, it would be nice to use mph in ATS at least.
  2. Bump with the hope that this is moved to accepted. Ghost mode has been implemented for quite some time now.
  3. I don't have anything against the limiter being there, but I do dislike being limited to a slower speed than what the truck speed limit is posted as. This also applies to the external contracts, but I know TMP doesn't have control over that. The limiter should be faster (or removed) outside of California due to the increased speed limits. Additionally, the 55mph limits for the cities don't exactly follow the city limits. Sometimes the limiter will toggle on and off many times driving straight through a city.
  4. +1 This is an annoyance for sure. It shouldn't be too difficult to sync these like traffic signals and time have been synced. Weather, on the other hand, might be difficult, but that's a different topic. The sense of realism is also broken when seeing another truck drive through a gate that is closed from your view.
  5. frnknstnp421

    No Jobs

    In my experience, the force reset of the economy is the most effective way to fix this issue. Keep in mind that if you were looking for freight market jobs rather than quick jobs, you can drive to the businesses to look at the available jobs even in none show up in the Quick Jobs, Freight Market, or World of Trucks. Hope this helps! Please let us know if the above proposed solutions have fixed your issue.
  6. This would be a helpful feature, however I feel like it takes away from the realism in a similar way to the map. As an admin-only feature, I think this would be great.
  7. Thank you for these much-needed updates! You guys are awesome!
  8. Rather than an alarm, how about a different icon on the GPS for cars? This doesn't sound like it would be too hard to implement. Use a square, for example, instead of a circle for cars only. I don't like the alarm because there are already plenty of sounds going on in the game (surrounding vehicles, horns, your truck, radio, etc.).
  9. +1 Although this is Euro TRUCK Sim, it should still be realistic as possible. I have never seen a real road that is 100% trucks. Adding more cars wouldn't mean more people driving the cars, it would mean that the players that already drive cars have the freedom to switch to other cars, creating more variety. There will still be the same amount of bad drivers, they will just be in a bigger variety of cars. I am all for this, however we still do need the servers that ban cars to make everybody happy. It should be all cars or none, not just the one Skoda with the pilot paint scheme everywhere.
  10. -1 due to the fact that these sounds can be turned off. The horn icon that appears next to the truckers name is a nice feature in this case because you can see that they are honking without having to listen to it. This would be too strict of a rule since many truckers regularly run red lights and fail to yield, especially if nobody is around, and nothing seems to happen to them. This was probably a suggestion worth making and seeing the opinions of others here though.
  11. +1 If you select the once per week email, doesn't that defeat the purpose of getting email updates? I like this idea as an opt-in service. It would ensure that admins are not waiting on replies from the reporter if they have this service enabled. Also, admins should be able to see if the user has this enabled or not.
  12. I won't +1 or -1 this, but my feeling about the unrealistic dots on the map is that if i were in a real truck (or owned a VR set), I would look around and use mirrors and sounds. Due to the fact that I have to push buttons to look and players just appear and disappear, I use the map often. This wouldn't be a bad option if you had VR, but driving in cities would be unrealistically difficult otherwise. As others have said, I feel like there are other issues that are moch more important than this, but this is a valid request none the less.
  13. +1 A warning would be nice and maybe a timer. After attaching a trailer to a car for 30 seconds, you will get kicked. No need to ban as this is perfectly acceptable offline. As others have stated, this would make life easier for in-game admins, admins that have to filter through the reports, and us innocent truck drivers that are just trying to get a load to a destination.
  14. +1 I also am in favor of this. If I may, i would like to add another idea to this. What if the AFK timer is longer if we are parked in a no collisions zone? Or is there something like this that is already in use? Irresponsible drivers that park in the road should be kicked in a short time (1 or 2 minutes), but those parked in a parking lot should be allowed to sit there longer (maybe 10 minutes?). It's better than typing nonsense in the chat.
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