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  1. A friend of mine who is new to ETS2 complained about the brakes (as expected) and the handling of the Scout cars. Yesterday, he couldn't survive 5 minutes without getting damages while we were in a Skoda convoy : P
  2. Haven't got the DLC yet (will get it prob in a few weeks), but from the videos I've seen, it's damn beautiful :3
  3. ??????

    Confess Time :)

    I don't think it's good for one to expose his/her intentional 'reckless' driving in public : P (even if it is justified)
  4. ^ And just about 2 days later another 'Real Operations' event is announced https://truckersmp.com/blog/64
  5. Norway! But I haven't seen the look of the 'new' Italy yet, so my opinion may change.
  6. Anyone from singapore or malaysia?

  7. Hackers with ncz hack can be very annoying. One time I saw a player with ncz hack who kept ramming into stopped traffic (there were at least 50+ players in the area) every few minutes! The poor victims all went flying
  8. Looking forward to the winter update. I've played MP since Jan last year but I have never drove in the winter before in the game...
  9. ^ Hmm, so now we can say that Scanias are everywhere
  10. N1. another sg player. prob only 4 of us so far xD

    Welcome :) 

    1. ??????


      Hey xD yep there are only a few of us :D

  11. The infamous Calais-Duisburg road, and also the roads around Bergen in Norway : D
  12. I hope the Mighty Griffin DLC will be supported in the near future!
  13. I love it I may use it more than my Volvo in the future. Hopefully it'll be much more customisable though (although this is the beta so I understand)
  14. Southeast Asia, in Singapore! Btw, I think I saw you earlier today OP
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